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Emergency! Juice retailer in Pinellas?

Discussion in 'Florida Vapors Club' started by AshHole, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. AshHole

    AshHole Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 29, 2009
    Pinellas County, Fl
    I went and scoped him out today. E-CigShop at the center area of the main food court. One of the guys is named Scott and was very nice. Didnt try to give any BS, nor high pressure. His stock was low on hardware, and claimed much more was coming in this week and next - that shipping was a problem. I asked if he was having the normal "in customs/china delays" and he said yes. But he did have at least 4 of each model in starter kit form - 2 batts, 2 attys, 5 carts, - the usual.

    He is only at the Big Top Fridays and Saturdays.

    I really wanted some attys and batteries. His prices were not "cignot" or "eastmall" level but very reasonable. His 510 starterkit was 2 attys, 2 batts, 5 carts and an AC charger for $45. He sold it to me for $37.
    They are definately knockoffs tho... not joye.

    His juice was $16 for 30 ml. He gave me his phone number and said if I ever need to meet him for emergency parts or liquid - he would setup a pickup.

    He did have 901, 801, 510 , 401. He had the basic 'tobacco' dekang flavors. (marl, virgin(ia), apple, cherry) He had a few 801 passthroughs. He was very forthcoming and honest with me, even before he found out I was into vaping.

    I was shocked that he did not know what RY4 was. After a few minutes it was apparrant that he wasnt as knowledgable as he should be.

    It looks like he is targeting the beginner and just has the very basics. I asked if he was going to have more parts and accessories - and he stated that his partner thinks there is more money in just selling the kits. I talked to them both and said that I understood the business model, but he should stock parts for returning customers. Nothing worse thn getting someone hooked and findingout that they have to "double buy". They both said they would consider it.

    Over all - great place in a pinch, but if you are used to cignot/eastmall prices or nhaler & Dawns juices, or RMV's selection you will be disappointed. But if you need a kit or batteries or juice in a pinch its better than nothing. I am glad he is there and not feeding a buncha crap and looking for 'suckers'.
  2. tinstar15

    tinstar15 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 29, 2009
    Lakeland, FL
    Just went back today and finally had some time to check him out better than the short visit the other time. I picked up 3 of the smaller bottles (10ml i think)for $15. Grabbed grape, menthol, and apple. Tried all three just a little while ago. Nothing outstanding, tasted sorta thin to me. Mint/menthol was the generic pre-filled cart taste with a so-so amount of vapor. Grape struck me as ok-ish with a little better vapor production and a artificial grape flavor that reminds me a little of Mr Misty mix from Dairy Queen. Apple was disappointing because I could barely tell if there was any flavor at all. Don't put too much weight to my opinion on the flavors because I'm of limited experience with any of the juices. Just started refilling carts and have only tried JC and TW prior to this. TW is, by far, my fave for the menthol. I never tried a fruit flavor until today.

    Not bad mouthing the guy or his stuff. He was really pleasant to deal with and seemed eager to help. Even provided me with his e-mail and phone number in case there was anything I wanted to order. I think he is just starting out so he could get better.
  3. electrofie

    electrofie New Member

    Nov 15, 2009
    First time on e-cig forum but just wanted to let you know if your not getting much flavor from your purchases then most likely they are buying their juice at 60 ml and 60mg of nic and diluting it down up to 4 to 1 for 15mg of nic and then reselling which also will dilute the flavoring to 2.5% instead of the minimum 10%.even 10% flavoring is week in some flavors and actual need up to 17%.example- ry4 is great @10% but cheesecake may be a little weak at 10%...Im seriously thinking of selling juice in pinellas couty as well as custom prefilled carts as its so hard to get good flavors at the proper % and carts absolutly suck in flavorings available and mgs desired and alot of people dont like refilling their own or have the mixes(a properly filled and spun cartridege should last almost all day depending on use unless ur at home then 1/2 day due to more vaping then when working) hope this sheds some lite on weak flavors
    P.S. also note if your an online buyer sites using paypal and goggle credit card services are being cancelled so if ur unable to order or no shopping cart this is why.just wait and they will likely switch merchant accounts and be up in a week or two.
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