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Fasttech Defective or wrong product [RESOLVED]

Discussion in 'Reviews of Suppliers - Negative' started by Vesh, Jun 19, 2017.

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  1. Vesh

    Vesh Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 17, 2017
    Supplier Negative Review

    Name of retailer:

    Date of your initial complaint to the supplier
    Jun 13, 2017​

    Method used when initiating complaint with retailer
    Website ticket system​

    Ticket number (if you were issued one)

    General nature of complaint
    Defective or wrong product​

    Briefly describe your problem or issue
    Just WOW.. I am kind of in shock with these guys.. I have read time and time again, that certain Chinese vendors can not be reasoned with as it's not worth the blood pressure problems.. and after this experience, when reading their replies, I actually feel like my face twitches, it makes me so mad.

    I really feel i have to boycott FT altogether now..

    The worst part of it all is, i am looking at my last year of fast tech history.. and how much i have spent with them and supported them.. I mean.. sometimes i even wonder if i must be one of their best personal vape customers.. it's obscene amounts...
    and they do this to me over a pack of coils? Yes you read that right, over a pack of coils.

    These to be precise:
    $8.10 Authentic Joyetech eGo ONE CL-Ni Coil Head (5-Pack) - 0.25ohm at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping

    They are the nickel 0.25 MTL coil for ego one.. that are very hard to find.. in fact, i was kind of worried they might be advertising the wrong coil.. but then i saw this:
    $7.99 Authentic Joyetech eGo ONE CL Ni Nickel Coil Head (5-Pack) - 0.2ohm at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping

    and realised they did indeed have the direct lung ones separate.

    SO.. within a day(now almost a month back, coils arrived a few days ago), fasttech writes to me to say that the extra express postage i paid was not enough, and they regret they needed another $1.60 from me or they would downgrade the postage. W T F? After i have spent an amount i am too embarrassed to say here? AFTER i used their online postage quote price? I had also paid the $1 extra fee for a box as if not, everything they send comes completely crushed. BTW with the postage, it's actually a scam.. as no matter what you buy, the australian express postage is $2 extra.. every time.. so they come to you and ask for extra afterwards... fishy huh? I will now just use e packet (if i ever buy from them again), which takes 2 or 3 weeks but is trackable and still aus post, and reasonable rate.. but for items with built in batts you HAVE to choose the aus air express if you have any chance of it arriving.. but I digress...

    ok, i said "just downgrade it".. However, in that reply, I used it to throw a quick suggestive line in, on just HOW MUCH i was looking forward to finally finding the mouth to lung TC Ni200 ego one coil, hoping it would make them double-check prior to ship that they were sending the correct coil.

    Of course, they arrived, and they sent me the readily available 0.2 ohm direct lung coil. This is where the insanity starts..

    First, my video link;
    Dropbox - Fasttech Incorrect
    (check 0.08 and 0.48 times).

    anyone can copy and paste that in any browser and watch my evidence.

    I just wanted to get the link to you guys before i continued.

    Anyway, first thing i explained was i got the wrong coil. They asked for a pic. I simply could not get my phone to focus it's cam clearly enough to show the ohms were the 0.2 and not the 0.25.. so i sent them a pic of the two respective coils at joyetech's page, and I informed them that I did not want to break a coil free of the packaging in case they wanted them back, so could i have permission to take 1 out of the packaging so i could get a clear pic of the wrong diameter and wrong ohms. Instead, they *totally* ignored that bit and told me off for sending a pic from joyetech and to once again send one of my own. I got frustrated so broke one coil out myself and shot a video (and it's long only because of the focus time to get a clear shot with the iphone 5 cam, yes my phone is old).

    Anyway, the video was sent, and i gave them the time stamps where things can be seen clearly,
    the coil ohms is seen clearly at 0.48 seconds the diameter of the coil is seen clearly at 0.08 seconds..

    they replied they would check with the supplier.. they checked with the supplier and got back to me, to tell me the supplier said what they sent me was ok. double u tee f? Then i get a message:

    "we could not view that pic, please upload, if it is larger than 2mb, please email to".

    So i had to write back again to tell them i tested the video in 4 browsers on 2 computers and it worked every single time, first time, with no dropbox login required, and that if they need to learn how to copy and paste a video link to get someone to show them. I mean, fair enough right? And where on earth did they get the idea it was a pic, when i clearly said it was a video and gave them timestamps to look at?

    Obviously what is happening is, whatever seller they are using for those coils just doesn't want to take the loss and thinks i will.
    I will wait to hear back again, but to go back and forth for a cheap item like this.. to say it's exasperating, would be the understatement of the year. But they have made me SO angry... they ignore what i write almost completely, are unprofessional and literally just make up "facts" out of thin air!

    I am disappointed, and I'm going to be reporting them to joyetech. i think it's action like this we should take when we are shafted, and of course reporting them on forums.

    Can you imagine you buy an expensive phone or drone that is faulty? I'm shivering just thinking about it.

    PS i have absolutely no use for these coils and all are unused, 4 still in blisters. Since fasttech are basically acting like spoiled brats here, if anyone in Melbourne wants them, you are welcome to pick them up any time for free. I have no use for direct lung ego one stuff. Cheers

    PPS just adding.. I checked my purchase history... like 35 mods, lots of coils, tanks, accessories galore, 15 stands, ohm readers, drip tips, ego batts, other electrical items like power adapters, chargers, etc etc.. and they actually drive me crazy over a pack of coils. My problem ratio with my orders is like 2%. So nice of them.​
  2. Vesh

    Vesh Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 17, 2017
    Ok they are telling me now they are "really not lying, they can't open my photo".

    It doesn't matter how many times i tell them it's a video and to copy and paste the link in a browser.

    Sigh.. so i'm going to take screenshots as the video plays and upload those to them.
  3. Vesh

    Vesh Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 17, 2017
    I can't see any way to close the topic or "mark as resolved".. if staff see this and can help please let me know.
    A few hours ago they finally offered me a refund and admitted they sent the wrong coil.

    The negative review stands, because someone should not have to go through all these hoops and traps they set, for something so simple. It put me off so much, i am stopping purchasing with them totally, unless I find something that I can't get anywhere else and just "have to have".
    But yes, this one is solved, i have to be fair. They did offer me a replacement, i declined, as i didn't want to go through this again in case there was an issue. Cheers.

    EDIT : NOPE, scratch that. I paid $11.10, as i upgraded shipping speed and box for $3, and they refunded $8.10

    She closed the ticket, and there is no option of reopening it! I know for a fact these guys are shady and do things like that on purpose, in hope the average person doesn't care and won't open another ticket.

    So now i opened another ticket and said, you can not have 3 free dollars for sending me the wrong item.. that's not how it works. And if you want then, i will give you the $8.10 back, and you can send me a replacement shipped with the upgrade box and speed exactly like the first time.

    You can all think i'm petty, but stuff like this gets me livid, it really does. I will not let them even have a cent over what the refund should be.. not one cent.. not after what I have spent with them.

    These guys make it hell to get support.. HELL... Never, ever again, no matter what now. I have something on the way i tried to cancel, but they contacted me 10 minutes after the order was updated to shipped, to tell me they didn't cancel it "in time".
    I am over these clowns.
  4. Vesh

    Vesh Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 17, 2017
    Oh well, now i've gotten nasty and rude to them. This was her reply:
    The price of item SKU $8.10, we havev cancelled it and full refunded to you already.

    For rest $3.00, it has been paid for shipping charge and Hard box fee, it is unable refund in this case. Hope you understand.

    Thank you.

    And my reply:

    Nope, i do not understand at all.

    why should i pay the shipping upgrade and hard box fee to receive wrong item?

    are you even reading what you are saying?

    WHY should i give you MONEY at ALL, even ONE CENT, to receive wrong item?

    You are CON ARTISTS.. i spend thousands of dollars with you and you want to steal $3 from me.

    Put this to manager immediately.

    You are very silly..if i dispute via paypal, you will not only pay FULL refund, but you will also pay for me to return item shipping (another 12 or 15 dollars from here).. so why be stubborn?

    I just upgraded the paypal dispute to a claim, as paypal offer return shipping cover on fasttech (this is set by the manufacturer, and fasttech pay all shipping returns from oz but they ask you to send it cheapest possible.. i can't do that with paypal).
    There is zero chance i won't win, as FT already admitted they sent me the wrong item. Now look what I just wrote to them.
    The reason i am telling you guys this, are that this store is so stubborn, they will pay the much higher $$ to get the item back, than to just pay me the $3 and settle. Mark my words. I just want to say i called it, and will update when i get their reply.. anyway this is what i wrote.. note, i have been so kind and patient, and now i am flustered and tired of being polite with these clowns:

    Just so you know, i updated the dispute to a claim at paypal.

    of course they will decide in my favour, and I will have to send the package back..

    However, fasttech pays for shipping with paypal claims and all returns as you know.

    I advise you to read this next portion carefully and understand it.. and if you don't, PLEASE pass it to someone who flawlessly understand English.

    For me to receive shipping refund via paypal, i have to send the item with tracking, and provide paypal a tracking number. That will be about $30 AUD for registered airmail ship.

    So, by stealing the $3 from me, you will end up not only paying that, but also $30 return shipping. I can not use cheaper shipping with paypal dispute, as they will not accept without tracking number.

    So you will end up paying the $8.10 you already paid, PLUS $33..

    MY ADVICE is to close the dispute and give me my $3 back.

    Why do i care so much about $3? because if i buy something from you, and i pay in full, if the shipping turns out to be more than you charged me, even 50 CENTS, you will not send the item till I pay the extra 50 cents. That's how pedantic you are, even to your most loyal customers.
    So there is simply no way, as a matter of principal, i will allow you to just keep ANY money for sending me the WRONG item that i did NOT order. Just unbelievable.

    I already told you, i can give you the $8.10 back, if you agree to send the item with the same shipping upgrades i already paid for.. that means a hard box and australia express. If you had told me, it would not be a full refund, I wouldn't have accepted the refund, i would have opted for item replacement.

    You are THE most difficult company on earth to deal with, and have put me through weeks of hell, just to fix a problem of YOUR store sending me the WRONG item.

    GROW UP.

    EDIT, Saturday 24-June
    I predicted 100% wrong, they issued the refund and closed the PP dispute. They told me they "made an exception" LOL.

    Case closed. Just imagine trying to get a refund on an expensive item. Sheesh. But i am honest, therefore reporting that here.
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