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Feeding the Fund

Discussion in 'Vegas Vapers' started by Art-n-Cate, Sep 20, 2010.

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  1. Art-n-Cate

    Art-n-Cate Super Member ECF Veteran

    So if I am getting it right, Vegas will host a Vapefest next year? If so, then we need to be standing tall...
    Here's some thoughts (besides stripper poles, warehouses, lap dancers :unsure:) on maybe getting a fund started so we have something to work with. We could create a catchy phrase and logo, open a CafePress shop and sell stuff. When we have our meet and greets, suppliers seem very open to sending us goodies. How about the larger items like kits and stuff, we raffle off with money going into the fund?

    Speaking of meet and greets, does anyone have any objection to holding them on a regular monthly basis? We really could build something here, I believe. Vegas should be THE vape capital! And we are the Vegas Vapers! Our team colors could be purple and gold and Liberace could be our mascot....sorry, got carried away there for a moment. ;)

    We could have a larger gathering and invite the public as a public service sort of thing and do the same raffle idea only with a starter kit for newbies who come.

    Since I haven't a clue as to the who, what's, when's and where's of Vapefest, I can't address how we spend the money but Art, my other half, designs convention booths and I'm sure he would be willing to help us put something together. To have something like that done through the company where he works, we most definitely would have to talk Paris Hilton into sponsoring us.

    Hey, there's an idea for all you manly her into it! She's due in court for her last arrest pretty soon. You could have a sit-in at the courthouse with big signs like "Paris, Please" or "Smoking Hot...Wanna Vape?"

    What say you all? To getting the group growing, I

    P.S. My background is in journalism and public relations, so I'll volunteer to do any of that stuff. Who can do graphic design?
  2. Shadow Ryder

    Shadow Ryder Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 14, 2010
    Lost Wages
    stripper poles, warehouses, lap dancers -- great idea Cate, we will put you incharge of that stuff.. :)
    the monthly idea sounds good to me. I can do the graphic art stuff (me and my other half) we can get together after we get back and work on it or email me ideas. Iwill have the laptop with me but don't know about internet access..
  3. Sue1971

    Sue1971 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 22, 2010
    If you can have vapefest at the Palms the second week of Feb I'll be
  4. Shadow Ryder

    Shadow Ryder Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 14, 2010
    Lost Wages
    dont know when it will be but if nothing else I work across the street from the palms so we can agange a meet and vape if nothing else
  5. Art-n-Cate

    Art-n-Cate Super Member ECF Veteran guys put me in charge of the 'entertainment' and you get Wayne Newton and Chuckles the clown...
    Is the Vapefest actually scheduled or is is something that is just in the planning or the wouldn't-it-be-awesome-if stage?
    Inquiring minds...
  6. Wafflestomper

    Wafflestomper Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'm sorry.. I don't understand.. is there anything else?
    Sue, just drop us a line when you are in town, I'm sure there are some of us that would be up for an impromptu meet and greet :)
  7. Art-n-Cate

    Art-n-Cate Super Member ECF Veteran

    Sue, I think they were planning that weekend (if that's SuperBowl weekend...) and I suggested they try the Palms instead of Sam's Town...
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