finiti midnight disposable

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Jun 8, 2013
Nashville, TN.
    Yep, i bought one a while back and decided to start vaping after i used it. Well restart vaping really. The flavor and vapor was way better than the V2 cigs kit i got a few years back. The flavor though, ive been trying to find one like it. It was slightly nutty and barely sweet with tobacco. If anyone knows what flavor they use in them i would greatly appreciate it, though i dont think they were very popular because I'm not seeing them anymore.


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    Nov 7, 2011
      I couldn't help you. It may have been their own mix. Have you tried to find them online?

      There is a lot of juice out there. And it's just getting better and better, although there are more to weed through. And MANY with that flavor profile. You might want to check the tobacco threads and ask those tobacco experts. I don't have many tobacco flavors under my belt myself. Sorry I was not much of a help.
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