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Flavourart eLiquid Flavouring Stock

Discussion in 'Liberty Flights' started by Lemonaid, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. Lemonaid

    Lemonaid Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 22, 2013
    I noticed many of the FA flavorings are out of stock.
    Do you have any estimate of when you may be restocked on these?

    Most specific:
    Ultimate Camtel
    Maxx Blend
    Vanilla Bourbon

  2. Lemonaid

    Lemonaid Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 22, 2013
    OK --I've read on the Flavourart's web site that they are adding a night shift this week to speed up production.
    Sounds like lead time from them will improve soon.
  3. ImYourSalt

    ImYourSalt Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Jun 1, 2009
    San Diego, CA
    They are on order. Should be soon. Some of those flavors sold out in a couple days :facepalm:
  4. Abe

    Abe Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Jun 1, 2009
    UK / US
    I hope the lead time improves, it is currently 45 business days. We have had an order placed with them for many, many weeks.
  5. Lemonaid

    Lemonaid Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 22, 2013
    Hmmmm.. Any Good news from FlavourArt ?

    I noticed the following on their web page from last week but your more in contact as far as shipped or promise dates etc....
    sounds a bit discouraging in the immediate but hopefully good in the longer picture..I have no idea what their track history is like as I'm new to DIY.. wondering about the Hangsen tobacco flavoring at this point.

    Has Liberty considered carrying the Hangsen flavors?

    Thanks for the updates. Cheers

    ********************************From FlavourArts web site***********
    Strategic improvements and safety.

    Dear Customers, Date added: 22/04/2013

    the rapid, continuous growth we are experiencing requires us to expand our current systems, and implement new ones, in order to remain fully compliant with statutory safety standards. As a consequence, we will be making strategic improvements to our factory building in order to accommodate a second, fully-automated production line.

    We will also be delivering the next stage of safety training to our staff in order to further enhance their expertise and knowledge, which we see as being vital to our future.

    Some of our operations will inevitably be interrupted during this phase, but we are using our experience to pre-plan and organise each component so that interruptions are minimised.

    There will be some delays to order processing but we expect the structural and logistic elements of the installation to be completed within a few working days.

    The new production line is integral to our future planning and will raise our manufacturing capability to 2.5 million 10ml bottles per month.

    Our call centre and support services will operate as usual to help us negotiate this latest challenge, but they will not be able to offer specific delivery dates for orders as the impact of this phase still has an element of unpredictability.

    In the event that the delay exceeds your needs or expectations, orders in a state of "Open" or "Approved" can be cancelled by contacting our Customer Service team by email,

    We apologise for any inconvenience, but in our rapidly expanding industry, and because of a phenomenal demand for Flavourart products, some delays are going to be inevitable. However, as we plan each phase of expansion, our targets are always to further improve production, administration, and logistics in order to minimise disruptions and provide our customers with the best possible experience.


    The FlavourArt Team
  6. Lemonaid

    Lemonaid Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 22, 2013
    Newest blog from FlavourArt May 2 2013

    Full speed ahead for Flavourart production!

    Dear Valued Customers,

    we are pleased to announce that production has now resumed at optimum speed as the essential measures outlined in the previous report have been implemented successfully.

    The remainder of the work required for the new development phase can proceed unhindered and without impacting on ou normal daily operations.

    The delay was short-lived and, thanks to the new night-shifts, we will soon be back on schedule. In a few weeks, tests will be completed, and a video made available on the website, of the new production line which will help us to achieve a record 2.5 million bottles of 10ml per month.

    Thank you so much for helping us through another critical phase of expansion and growth despite the current challenging climate which has been so problematic for the economy.

    Suggestions, criticisms, and your love, inspire us as we strive to be the best in everything we do, quality, safety, and service.

    We are securing our future by building carefully and wisely on solid foundations and by listening to our customers.

    The FlavourArt Team
  7. Abe

    Abe Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Jun 1, 2009
    UK / US
    Our US order was made on the following date, we are still waiting for it. I am sure flavouart want to progress with the timings and future orders, just a bit busy for them at the moment!

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