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Fluxomizer draw problems and a few observations

Discussion in 'MyVape' started by tonyorion, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. tonyorion

    tonyorion Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 8, 2010
    Got two packages of 5 on Saturday of the 2.6-2.8 ohm and put them to use on several PV's

    My impression is that they work ok at 3.7, not too well at ~3.3 (ego) and really really well at 4.4 v on my Buzz or ProVari with my favorite juice which is a diy apple pie using capella at 20/80 pg vg with 6 mg nic.

    Again, it's an impression only. I have been using the same one since Sat without any problems so far.

    My apple pie juice (and my banana cream) which are relatively light do start to turn dark. This carto seems to favor about two long draws and turns bone dry on the third.

    Again an impression, it did not work well on a PV with a cutoff.

    If you did not take long hard draws, the fluxomizer starts to gurgle. I tried removing one inner ring, and both inner rings. Without the inner rings, the fluxo does not gurgle but you can only use and store the pv in a vertical position.

    That's fine when I am in the office or at home, but not too cool when I am travelling.

    From my experience with plastics and engineering (have a Master's in Chem Eng and worked a lot in mechanical testing equipment), I would say it is a bad idea to wiggle the tube off the connector. You are inducing stress on the plastic. Do it a few times, and you will need to replace the tube.

    Clear plastics are generally non crystalline and do not do well under repeated stress. Lexan, which is as tough as hell and is considered an engineering plastic, is a prime example. If you wack a motorcycle hement out of Lexan hard, it will protect you the first time, but not so well the second.

    Rather than dismanteling the fluxomizer, get a large syringe at Tractor Supply (like 25 or 50 ml) attach your 18 gage needle and rinse it out your fluxomizer with luke warm water to clean them.

    I think that a standard cart or dripping still taste better.
  2. badkolo

    badkolo ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Thank you so much for the feedback.
  3. Credo

    Credo Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 28, 2011
    My impressions after burning quite a few ml of juice through several of these.

    Agreed, it's not as good as dripping :)
    WE should all just get a pretty servant to drip and hand us our PVs ;)

    But to me it's not a bad vaping experience either. Pretty good actually.

    Killing the gurgle:
    1. Don't overfill fill it. If there's a nice air bubble all the way around near the top, it's less prone to gurgle. It wicks better if it's not 'packed' to the top as air is indeed much of a good wicking process. If your juice gurgles alot, consider drawing a little of the juice out with your syringe and trying again (even if it means being a little under the stated max capacity).

    2. If it's gurgling...also try pushing the inner ring down tighter instead of 'lifting it'. The juice is probably thin and it's running around the wick in such as way as to slightly flood it.

    3. Don't constantly turn the thing upside down assuming that it will make it wick better. It's the first thing alot of people do, considering gravity it seems logical...but the practice can also be counter productive as it messes with the air part of a good wicking formula. Unless you are chain vaping like crazy and keeping the atty hot...the wick will do it's job nicely for several puffs before it starts to go dry. Tipping the thing too often isn't going to make the wick carry juice to the coil any faster. It'll just make it more prone to flooding.

    4. If most of your gurgle build up is condensation, and not full strength juice...consider using a drip tip with a nice big hole instead of the stock tips. It traps less vapor in all the little rings, and is also pretty easy to dump into a tissue from time to time if needed.

  4. CJsKee

    CJsKee Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 1, 2009
    Thanks for this, Credo...just had a "light bulb" moment! I just received a giantomizer and the only complaint I have is getting e-liquid in my mouth. I just checked and, sur 'nuff, the hole is smaller than the regular drip tips. Just told my daughter earlier that I couldn't figure out why the great ole big giantomizer tip spit juice when the regular DT didn't!

    Would you know if there is any EASY way to make the hole bigger? I just keep pulling it off and blowing through it, but that's a pain. It's a rubbery tip like the little ones they send with the clearos.
  5. Credo

    Credo Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 28, 2011
    Quite welcome...

    Sorry, I haven't tried a Giantomizer yet. On my regular and XL packages I just use my own drip tip if I run across a gurgle prone juice.

    I should have added a number five. If you're pretty sure your problem is condensation...not atty flooding...

    5. Another way to reduce gurleing is to add an 'after draw' of sorts (difficult to do if you use auto batteries). Let go of the button a bit before you stop your draw. That'll help avoid some of the vapor sticking around in the mouthpiece/rings/etc. and turning back into liquid.

    I do like the feel of those little rubber tips.

    For some flavors the smaller hole does bring it out more...I suppose it effects the location, speed, and the temperature of the vapor on the tongue and pallet throughout the draw.

    Catch is, they increase gurgle probability.

    And a number six:

    6. Some really thick juices build up gunk on the coil...especially if you've topped off with the same juice several times without cleaning. You don't have to wait till it's empty or dump a load of juice to clean it out enough to finish up that tank.

    a. Take the CE2 off your battery and pull out the tip or plug from the mouth end.

    b. Turn it upside down over a bowl or the sink.

    c. Inject a few shots of good clean hot water through the tubing as fast as you can with your syringe. Repeat a few times till the water is clear from the moutpiece end...inspect the coils as you go, you'll see a difference when the build up is gone and the wick might even turn white again.

    d. Put the battery end in a towel or tissue and give it a good blow, shake, blow till the water is out of air tube.

    e. Hit with a burn or two without drawing to cook out the water. It gets the short bit of wick that runs through the coil more dry - so it can be primed for the juice again.

    f. Put one drop of juice (optional) on the coil, and let it sit a minute and soak up juice again.

    g. Your coils should hit hotter again least well enough to finish off your tank before a more 'thorough' cleaning.
  6. Modrod.

    Modrod. Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Sep 30, 2010
    AZ, USA
    Yea, the mouthpiece that comes with Fluxo's does cause juice to be sucked up off the coil no matter how you configure the rings in the carto, due to it's reverse funnel design. I actually liked the rubbery tip but now I just tail pipe my clear Fluxo's and I have no problems with juice getting sucked up. Unfortunately none of my 510 drip tips will fit in the clears without forcing them. I don't want to do that and risk cracking a full carto though.

    I found a place to get 306 carto drip tips that should fit. I may either get some of those or pick up some cheap delrin tips and sand them down a bit to fit. Then again, I may just wait and do a syringe mod because my tip's will fit fine then.

    I think the actual problem with wicking (from what I see on the clears) is due to the tubes compressing the wicks too much near the ceramic cup. There's very little room at that point, which combined with the fill ring, chokes the wick off too much. Pulling the fill ring up off the wick does alleviate the issue enough that it's not too big of a deal. If the inner dimension of the tube was increased a couple millimeters more and wider/deeper slits cut into the filler ring it would probably wick just fine. I imagine standard 510 drip tips would also fit on the clears better without having to force them in as well. Another way to tackle the filler ring issue would be to make it so it doesn't come down over the side of the ceramic cup as far. Maybe make it half it's current width so the slits aren't necessary. Other than that, I find CE2-X to work quite well for me.
  7. badkolo

    badkolo ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    here is a good tip video someone made and works well.

  8. Modrod.

    Modrod. Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Sep 30, 2010
    AZ, USA
    I've seen this but I couldn't get the wicks to move on mine. The tubes I have seem to be very tight fitting. I may try again with an unused carto as mine had been used and cleaned once. Either way, I got mine wicking fine with similar adjustments. Thank you though.
  9. doubleganger

    doubleganger Senior Member

    Aug 6, 2010
    Try this instead. An Ego mega cartridge can be cut down to fit the giantomizer perfectly. It stays in better than the rubber tip and I think it doesn't heat up quite so fast.
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