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Frequently Asked Questions (and a few not-so-frequently asked)

Discussion in 'DeejStuff' started by Digimon2k, Jan 30, 2014.

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  1. Digimon2k

    Digimon2k Resting In Peace ECF Veteran

    Jul 29, 2010
    Sweet Home Alabama
    Every now and then I get asked a few questions... not frequently, mind you. Just every now and then.

    So, instead of this being a FAQ thingy, it's more of a SAQ (sometimes asked questions). These are in no particular order... fortunately, the list is relatively short.

    These are correct to the best of my ability and knowledge... but I may have made an error. If you catch one, please let me know.


    What are Rewards Points?

    Rewards Points are my way of thanking you for being a customer. Each dollar you spend earns you 10 Rewards Points. On your next order, you can redeem these Rewards Points against your order subtotal. Each point is worth a penny (penny-a-point). It's basically a 10% kickback. Sorry, but Rewards Points have no actual cash value. They can only be used to offset your order subtotal. You can offset up to 50% of your order subtotal with Rewards Points.

    How are Rewards Points Earned?
    Rewards Points are calculated on the order's total just before shipping is applied.

    Let's assume you have placed an order for $30, you use $10 worth of Rewards Points from previous orders and you use a 10% Discount Code. Here's how your Rewards Points will be calculated:

    Subtotal: 30.00

    10% Discount Code: (3.00)

    New Subtotal: 27.00

    Rewards Points Used: (10.00)

    New Subtotal: 17.00 <-- this is what Rewards Points are based on

    Shipping: whatever method you choose

    On this order, you would earned 170 points. That would offset $1.70 of your next order (if you use Points on the next order).

    I noticed that I can't buy my deejStuff at 100% VG. Why not?

    I have yet to be able to find a flavoring THAT I LIKE that does not use PG, Triacetin or Ethyl Alcohol as its carrier. None of my sources (current and/or investigated) offer flavoring carried in VG that meets deejStuff's standards. For that reason, I cannot honorably offer 100% VG deejStuff.

    I will, however, mix to maximum VG. This option has been added to the bottom of the PG/VG Ratio pulldown. The percentage of VG that the final mix will end up being depends on the quantity of flavoring required to reach your desired flavor-load. I'll be happy to tell you what that percentage will work out to be... simply drop me a line (

    What's in deejStuff?

    I keep it as basic as I can. There's the usual nicotine, PG, VG and flavoring. The ratios depend on your specifications. I don't add distilled water (except for Menthol Blast - see description), ethyl alcohol or food coloring to ANY of my recipes. I keep it as simple as it can be. That does mean that if you order a high-VG mix, you may have to add a drop or two of distilled water for your particular equipment, but I'll never add it. All that being said, there are a few flavorings that come with food coloring or a bit of ethyl alcohol as part of their makeup. That's added by the manufacturer, NOT ME.

    Where to you get the stuff that makes the Stuff?

    Nicotine, which comes pre-diluted in PG or VG, is sourced from, or I did a LOT of research before opening up, and XtremeVaping was the only place that satisfied my need for quality and consistency at that time. Since then, I've researched RTSvapes so as to establish a secondary source for nic and was added as a tertiary source due to its proximity to deejStuff. All nicotine is tested via titration prior to use.

    PG and VG both come from one of two places. or I only use USP Kosher PG and VG.

    Flavorings come from FlavourArt, Capella Flavor Drops, LorAnn Gourmet Oils and The Perfumers Apprentice.

    Do you add any artificial sweeteners?

    ButterPaw Crunch, ButterPaw Cheesecake and Sweet Pecan are the only flavors I currently have that contains artificial sweetener. I tried everything I could think of to keep from adding it, but I just couldn't get the desired outcome. So... in these instances, yes, I add artificial sweetener.

    Do any of your flavors contain diacetyl?

    Before I bring a flavor in-house, I confirm that no diacetyl is used in its creation. At no time will deejStuff ever knowingly use a flavoring that contains diacetyl.

    Do any of your flavors contain acetyl propionyl?

    Yes. The Waffles! line contains a trace of acetyl propionyl. The Belgian Waffles line that does not.

    I want to start doing my own DIY. Can I buy just the flavoring from you?

    At this time, we do not sell straight flavorings through the site. We will entertain purchase requests on a case-by-case basis, however. Email deej at ******************.

    I really like your (flavorname), but need to DIY to save money. Can you give me your recipe? I promise not to go into competition with you.

    Sorry, no. I'll sell it to you, but you won't like the price. Seriously, you won't.

    The thing is, I believe you when you say you won't go into competition with me. The problem is, unless you guard that recipe with the same diligence that I do, it will eventually escape into the wild. Once that happens, competition will occur.

    As it happens, though, there are two deejStuff recipes that already exists in the wild. They were developed before deejStuff was born. I'm going to be mean and not say what they are.

    Based on that previous response, what am I limited to when it comes to customizing my deejStuff?

    Here's what you can't do: You can't order any deejStuff with more than 36mg/ml of nicotine. You can't order PG or VG less than 0%. You can't get 100% VG in anything other than Unflavored.

    Clove: I want to stay away from clove. What flavors do you have that contain clove?

    Clovanilla, Clove, Menthol Clove, Spiced Orange, Spiced Peach, Spicy Gingerbread and Sweet Gingerbread contain clove. As far as I can determine, no other flavors contain clove. I say " far as I can determine..." because some of the flavors use pre-mixed flavoring from the manufacturer. But the only flavors I have that I use clove in are those listed.

    I have a question that isn't covered here. What do I do?

    You can ask it here in this thread, or send me an email at ******************
  2. Digimon2k

    Digimon2k Resting In Peace ECF Veteran

    Jul 29, 2010
    Sweet Home Alabama
    If You've Never Ordered From Us Before....

    You'll soon see that you have a lot of customization options... nic level, PG/VG ratio, Flavor Loading and bottle size.

    Flavor Loading is the flavor level... and a LOT of new people are selecting 200% right off that bat. PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!!!!

    This may not sound logical, but there's a point where the amount of flavoring used actually starts to degrade the flavor. So much so that the juice can taste flavor-less. It's not... it's just that your taste-buds can't respond properly to influx of flavor molecules.

    As a general rule, we here at deejStuff recommend the following Flavor Loading:

    If your PG % is:
    -- 100 to 70 : 125%
    -- 70 to 50 : 150%
    -- 50 to 30 : 175%
    -- 30 to 0 : 200%

    We offer the higher Flavor Loading for those who need/want a very high VG percentage. We do this because VG is horrid at carrying flavor well.

    We want your deejStuff experience to be the best flavor-experience you've ever had. We will be initiating a new policy where we will will send the above information via email to a new customer who orders Flavor Loading outside the listed Loads. Not to be a pain, just to confirm that they understand the recommendation and choose to disregard it.
  3. Digimon2k

    Digimon2k Resting In Peace ECF Veteran

    Jul 29, 2010
    Sweet Home Alabama
    We are seeing precipitation of the menthol in this flavor under either of 2 conditions:

    1) The VG is higher than 50%

    2) The liquid is exposed to temperatures lower than 70* F

    For these reasons, we will be adding a small amount (0.1ml) of distilled water for each 10ml of finished liquid. In order to maintain flavor and nicotine strength, the amount of water added will be in place of an equal amount of VG.

    Also, we're getting a lot of 3-pack and 6-pack orders where the flavor strength for Menthol Blast is set higher than 100%.

    Unless you tell us in the Order Comments that you want a higher strength for Menthol Blast, the flavor strength WILL BE REDUCED down to 100%.
  4. Favored

    Favored Full Member

    May 13, 2014
    San Jose, CA, USA
    I just now noticed this. I made an order with 40%PG and only chose the default load of 125%. I was actually a little nervous going over 100%, but went with it since it was the default. Will my shipment be severely lacking in flavor?
  5. witch1

    witch1 Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Jun 15, 2013
    Huntsville AL USA
    It shouldn't :)

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