Giving away Om Vapors WTA 120ml 36mg

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D Persimmons

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Mar 9, 2014
Do you live in Canada? I have 4 120ml bottles of om vapours wta 36mg. I also have stuff from aroma ejuice but i'm keeping it just because its so expensive. The om vapours stuff works well. I've tried it. My only complaint is that its too peppery, but all wta is too peppery. So why am i giving it away? I just don't use wta anymore. I'm pretty sensitive even to regular nic and can only vape a hundful of brands and have yet to find a liquid 100mg nic supplier that i can use to make my own that doesn't hurt. This is just my own problem. If you don't have an insane sensitivity to peppery nic, this om stuff should be perfectly fine. Besides, i am told most people use very small amounts of wta in their juice. If you are wondering why om vapours sells for a lower price, it is because they are trying to attract customers since they are new on the market (i asked them). I also bought it with a 50% off coupon so it only worked out to 30 a bottle, but they normally sell for higher (and that's still low compared to other manufacturers). Plus, they were kind enough to provide free shipping to Canada.
If you live in Canada, i only request that you pay 10 dollars for regional and 15 for nationwide in shipping, i will cover the rest of the shipping because i'm nice (and i'm embarrassed to have so much WTA in my freezer). Also, one bottle each. (You don't need 4 for christ sake).

I hope i'm not breaking any rules. If the rules are that i cannot charge 10 shipping, please pm me and i will change that.
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