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Hello world!

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Aug 24, 2012
Norfolk, VA
    Well as you can probably already tell, I am new to the forums, and new to vaping as a whole. I have been smoking analog for a little over 20 years and only really tried to quit once or twice. Once was cold turkey while deployed and amazingly it lasted for 2.5 years, but was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Eventually the wife who had been without smoke for 7 years could think of nothing but smoking and eventually one drunken evening I bought a pack and we have both been back at a pack to a pack and a half a day since.

    The one other time I attempted E-cigs was about a year and a half to two years ago. At that time what I now know as ecigs were on the way pricey side so we tried all the cigarette look a likes including number 7, blue, and encore just to name a few. I was never happy with any of them, either the weight of the unit, the battery life, taste or throat hit, always something made me not like them. So back to analog I went and have been since.

    Lucky for me there are several of my buddies on the ship with me (US Navy btw) that have been vaping for a while, so finally I swallowed my pride and asked whats up, and what the heck is that gigantic provari thing your carrying around with you. Well after quite a long talk with MacgyverFC and two others, I have now found the world of vaping and have been directed here. I am sure I will have questions as I have ocd and research everything, as I learn I will try and help others that come after me. I will talk about what I purchased to get me started in another thread as this one is already getting long. Thanks for having me.



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    Mar 7, 2011
      First off I would like to say.....THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE IN OUR MILITARY I APPRECIATE WHAT YOU GUYS DO!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Secondly....even with PV's it takes alot of will power and dedication to quit smoking. But if you put your mind to it you will do just fine. I found that the higher volt devices worked best for me. A warmer, harsher vape made it more like I was not missing as much when I quit smoking.

      good luck to you and your wife!!


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      Aug 4, 2012
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        Ken, second the thanks for your military service. Been through a similar experience with the trial and error of disappointing ecig solutions. The ECF site is great for finding the right balance. While its only been a month, the pursuit of selection of choices, the support of this forum and actually finding a couple of juices/devices that makes the experience so much better than analogs has been so rewarding.

        Good luck, the effort pays off in many ways.
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