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Hello world!

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Nov 21, 2012
Clinton Twp, MI
Congrats! and welcome! My wife is already giving me dirty looks on what ive spent on supplies but once you get that right set up for yourself you will see the savings down the road unless you become like me and just want to try out everything out there, but doing lots of reading and exploring on here will also save you lots of headaches and money.


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Aug 20, 2012
Tempe, AZ
Howdy and GZ on making the switch to vaping!!

The only downside; This hobby is getting more expensive :/

- farisi from Malaysia

For me the downside is that now that my taste-buds have come back I can't stomach the food at 'Taco Bell' anymore.... Lucily there's a 'Filibertos' right around the corner from me, hehe. Hmmm, I think I'm going to run out and grab a couple of carne asada tacos and a large horchata to wash it down with and then vape some prickly pear ejuice. Lol, breakfast of champions!!


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Jan 23, 2013
Atlanta, GA
I've learnt (the hard and expensive way) that trying every new devices that pop's up just for the sake of it is a big NO-NO. at least not anymore :)
I wait few months for the device to go around and get a chance to be modded and tinkered with. if the benefits outweighs my self-control, then we have a problem :2cool:
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