How would I remove ammonia & salt patina on threads?

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Dec 19, 2014
Kenosha, WI, USA
    I have just finished setting up an ammonia & salt patina for my copper mod. I used corks and nail polish to protect the threads. If any patina got inside of the tube or on the threads I would want to clean it off to keep my copper mods low voltage drop. I'm just wondering what the easiest way to clean the inside from patina? Just in case any gets inside I can be ready.

    That being said I have 2 parts to the tube and both are in different jars to give both of them a unique looking patina. Keeping some random spots on the outside tube copper with nailpolish. Should look pretty awesome when done :)
    12 gauge shotgun copper/brass (whatever your mod is made of) bore brush and some barkeepers friend. Personally I set my drill to run backwards (so it does not unscrew the brush) chuck the gun cleaning rod into the drill and run it up and down the inside of the tube. Rinse it out, thread a piece of wet fabric through it to get any further debris, dry it out and your gold. Be careful not to let the drill brush run when only half in the tube or it will "clean" the edge off of your finish. I put my tube together completely before I did it. It squashed the brush down, so its of no use for the shotgun anymore but they are like 3 bucks from local department stores.

    There are lots of sizes and materials of tube brushes but the gun brush is what I had around and it fit well.

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