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RDA Inconsistent vape on 1st rda build

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Feb 2, 2015
    Hooray for me!
    Yesterday I completed my first build on my new Mutation X rda. Dual coil, 26 ga. Kanthal at .4 ohms.
    Started dripping last night and man oh man, it hit like a BEAST! I was chucking the clouds and the flavor was great.
    This morning, having changed nothing, I got nothing near the same results. Lots of popping juice and little vapor production.
    Coil still reading at .4 ohms however, on inspection, I noticed one coil seeming to heat faster than the other.
    My question
    Is this typical?
    What could be the issue?
    What's best to do differently in the future?
    Any and all feedback is appreciated.

    Using an eleaf iStick 50w

    Thanks all !


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    Nov 21, 2013
    Northern CALI, USA
      You might remove the cotton and clean out the coils, dry burn etc.

      check out youtubers RayLoVapes, Trever Jones and Yoshvapergate. They do really good jobs on explaining builds, and how to wick so that you get efficient air flow, vapor production etc.

      Those tutorial videos help me out on my crappy wicking.


      Full Member
      Jan 13, 2015
        It's possible that one of the coils is not making as much contact as the other. What I've found works is that I make sure that all three posts are as tight as possible. Sometimes it seems that firing makes them back out slightly. Try tightening everything up, and if that doesn't work, remove the wick, dry fire, and use some tweezers to squeeze the coils together while heating them. Rewick, and you should be good to go.
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