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Innokin AIO Pack - PCC unit Review

Discussion in 'Commercial Ecigarette Reviews and Videos' started by Jackal3, Dec 23, 2011.

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  1. Jackal3

    Jackal3 Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Jun 22, 2010
    Cleveland OH USA
    Innokin’s AIO IK-1200 Pack – Portable E-cig Charging system.
    Innokin recently released their latest innovation, the AIO Pack. It is a portable electronic cigarette charging system like no other. This is my review.


    What’s in the box:

    • 1 Innokin AIO IK-1200 PCC
    • 1 retractable USB power input cable
    • 1 retractable USB accessory output cable
    • 1 mini-USB to universal adapter wheel
    • 1 felt carrying bag
    • Instruction manual
    From what I’m told by Innokin the AIO will be sold as a starter kit including an e-cig battery (like a 510 or Noble) and a couple of cartomizers as well. For my review they sent me one of each battery to test.

    The package is nice, a little tricky to open. One of those pull this flap, tuck that thingy, then it slides open kind of deals. But I did manage to beat it. Inside was the AIO battery pack. It’s a nice, heavy weight polished aluminum and pretty. It has a good sturdy feel to it. Removing the top I see the interior has a plastic insert of sorts that holds up to three cartomizers or atomizers, and a deep well for a battery to be charged. One thing I noticed right off the bat was the extra slot built in to accept not just automatic batteries, but manual button batteries as well. The slot is for the button to be able to slide down unobstructed. Another nice feature is the battery charging well is friction based, not threaded. This allows most stick style e-cigarettes to slide down and touch the charging pin at the bottom.
    The front of the unit has 3 indicator LEDs that color range from green, to yellow to red showing not only the charge of the battery pack, but the inserted battery you are charging. The bottom of the unit has a power switch (on/off) a display button (to get a full reading of battery charge), a power input port for charging the AIO, and a mini-USB power output port.


    Also in the pack were 2 USB cables. One for charging the AIO system, another to insert into the mini-USB output port on the bottom of the AIO, to attach to an odd looking adapter wheel.


    Now this adapter wheel is something else. It has connection posts for a mini-USB, micro-USB, Samsung, iPod, Nokia and Sony Ericsson. With the mini-USB I did manage to charge up a Leo fully, though it took awhile. With the micro-USB I managed to get power to my Droid X. I don’t own an iPod or other phone types, so I could not test them. Though, with only 1020mAh, the phone charging only got so far. It’s comforting to have a battery pack that will charge most e-cigs and phones… in such a compact format. Speaking of compact, did I mention the AIO is about 3-5/8” tall by 2-1/8” wide by 5/8” deep? This thing is smaller than a pack of regular cigs, and half the depth. It easily fit into my shirt pocket, pants pocket, etc.


    I did manage to test an automatic 510, a manual 510 and a Noble. All charged perfectly. However, I could not get my Innokin 801 Pen battery to charge with the AIO. I’m thinking it’s because the Pen battery is male, whereas the 510s and Noble batteries are female. Ah, well. I’m told that most other standard stick style e-cigs are chargeable with the AIO. For those that are male ended batteries, Innokin has the AIO 1201 system. The AIO IK-1201 will charge KR808D-1, Pen style batteries, et al. What would have been good was to just have 2 charging slots, one for female batteries, one for male. But hey, I didn’t design it. Maybe that’ll be the next one they make?

    All in all the AIO IK-1200 is a sleek, compact universal charging pack that will accommodate most standard e-cig type batteries, and a whole lot more with its universal adapter wheel. I’ve carried it with me for a couple of weeks now, charging everything I can find. Its portability and solid build has provided me with a lot of use, and I don’t use the standard e-cig style batteries often. I wish the lid to the unit was hinged like a Zippo lighter so it can’t be lost. I also wish the inside plastic area where the cartomizers and charging battery fit was also aluminum, as that is the only cheap feeling part to the whole unit. The universal adapter wheel works on things I have that fit it, and although awkward looking, has proven time and time again very useful. Since this isn’t an e-cigarette where I’d give it ratings on throat hit and vapor, etc., I guess I can give this its own variation of ratings.

    Looks: 10/10 Very sleek and well built
    Adaptability: 8/10 Male ended batteries need the IK-1201 unit
    Power: 7/10 A larger internal battery, say a 1400mAh or more would have given me enough to charge two Leo batteries fully. As it stands, the 1020mAh it does have is ample for smaller e-cigs.

    Would I buy this? Yes. Even though I don’t use the standard stick style e-cigs, this has really proven its worth with my Leo, the Lea, eGo PTs, Revolution (v1 and v2), 510, 510-T, Noble, my Droid X, my Samsung phone, my ECI e-cigs, and much more.
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