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Discussion in 'JuicyLiquid' started by MrsJaaxx, Oct 27, 2011.

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  1. MrsJaaxx

    MrsJaaxx Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Feb 16, 2009
    Atlanta, GA
    We have had some major problems lately. First, we switched email programs in an effort to get only customer emails and not the hundreds of spam ones. Turns out, the program was filtering some of our customer emails out as well, so we were not receiving them at all. To make matters worse, we had no idea that we weren’t receiving them until someone notified me here.

    Now, last week, about a month since that disaster, it appears that an entire day’s orders did not get mailed, though Jaaxx personally drove them to the post office and put them in the big blue mailbox there. These orders are being handled and the situation made right, privately. Not only that, packages are evidently not getting scanned at the post office, so nobody can track their orders. We print labels, which generates a shipping notification with a tracking number, only hours before we actually drive the packages to the post office. We expect, as do you, that they will then be scanned at the post office, providing tracking info, and then taken by mail to their destination. Clearly, this has not been happening.

    ******If you are someone having an issue right now, and you do not have either an email from us or a confirmation email with a tracking number for your re-shipped package, please send me a private message here. We want each and every person to receive their order, complete and correct.******

    We have been operating for over two years now, and have had a stellar reputation until very, very recently. We are still the same company, and more specifically, two very real humans who are in fact, good people. The two issues mentioned above have created a disaster, and only a month apart from one another. It looks bad. It feels even worse. However, we have not morphed into bad people or a bad company. We will get through these issues and continue to serve our customers in the quick and efficient manner that you deserve.

    Here are changes happening right now:

    1. We have gone back to using the post office that we originally used when we started the business. We have no control over whether the post office scans things or gets things where they need to be, but we CAN control what post office we use. I'll be handing them to the mail lady, who said that when she walks out of our office she will scan them in her truck, and that this is the way she does it every day. She works for a totally different post office-- different city-- than the one we have been using for the past few months.

    2. We are going back to packing orders at night, then mailing them in the morning instead of both packing them and mailing them in the daytime. No distractions and no rushing that way-- this should alleviate mistakes. Today is the second day that we have done it this way.

    Changes happening very soon:

    1. I will be checking email every day, rather than just my husband checking it daily. This way, two of us are checking, and at two separate times, and this should ensure that no customer email is missed or overlooked. I am waiting to do this until the issues with last week's orders are completely resolved and everyone has received them, as I am concerned that my jumping into it in the middle of things would cause more confusion.

    2. Quite possibly adding a capcha code to the email link on the site. I'm torn about this, as I hate capcha codes and I'm not wild about requiring our customers to use one. However, when I have to go to page 3 of the email to see a customer email due to the hundreds of spam ones, I'm more likely to miss a customer email. I'm leaning toward the idea that the capcha code may be a necessary evil so as to make sure I see all correspondence from customers.
  2. xxtigerxeyesxx

    xxtigerxeyesxx Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 27, 2011
    ok ty your comments and response is appreciated
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