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Janty Puromizer "Inside View"

Discussion in 'JantyWorld' started by ita, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. ita

    ita Reviewer / Blogger Verified Member

    Mar 18, 2011
    Here's a vid that i did showing the "inner" details of the puromizer. It's in Portuguese but you can follow up easily :)

  2. LKSkang

    LKSkang Senior Member ECF Veteran

    what's the extra wick for? i'm pretty sure you said it doesn't affect functionality. sorry, i don't speak portuguese.

    awesome vid by the way :toast:
  3. atavanhalen

    atavanhalen Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I am guessing that it aids in wicking to the other wick. I am gonna give one of these a try with an adapter, I am kinda bummed that the air spacer rings are out of stock though, hopefully its not too airy.
  4. prateus

    prateus Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 20, 2009
    Muskoka, Ontario
    Man I hate to say it but does anyone else feel like 15-20$ for ONE CE2 style clearomizer is a bit rediculous. I know it is Janty. I know it is Quality, I have one of there new auto batteries that are supposed to be better coming my way with a kuwako. I feel that those are innovation, but in reality. The Neo Classic, manual version is just an ego with a giantomizer/vision ce2 clearomizer. I am so happy to have seen this video because it helped me decide not to waste the money. I get LR attys for 4.50$ CND a piece or 5 cartos for 7$. The atties last for month with proper care ie. dry burns. The only innovation is the extra wick which(as stated above I do not understand portugese either) it seems that the maker of the video is saying that the vapor is better when it is removed. Now I do understand that Janty tests there products which is good, and I understand they need to recoup costs and pay people but still I think it would be better if they sold replaceable innards similar to the vision tanks. I am looking forward to MID whatever it is. I just want to know if it will be here this year. You know in case dec 21st 2012 really is the end of our era and the beginning of something new.

    Here is my other thoughts Mik said that this incorporated cartomizer, clearomizer and Tesla Filter technology. I am trying to figure out what part is cartomizer and Tesla. I am thinking the cartomizer technology is just open and fill unlike using needles like the ce2 and I have really tried to figure out the tesla, I wish that someone made a copy of the video where miks vapes it for like 20 minutes straight. I think that the tesla filter might have been a tank that had wick material coiled at the opening and since the wick is burn proof unlike polyester the wicking material would have touched the atomizer bridge and the other end of the wick would sit in the tank staying wet all the time. The reason that I feel that it was not used is because Janty likes to deliver products that work out of the box. That is where the puromizer is good. When it costs 8-10$ for one, I will try it.

    OTOH has anyone tried the ego dual coils that janty sells? is the vape cold like smoktech dual coils? I mean on an ego battery. ALSO I think that Janty should make it clear that the NEO CLASSIC uses un-regulated cells. Certain products mainly the Ego Booster will kill a NEO classic battery as it uses the Pulse Width Modulation that regulates the original Ego to output a constant 3.4v measured with an osciliscope as I know mik gets hairy about this.

    He kept saying that the NEO was the a true 3.7 volt device just like the Ego and continually compared it to the original Ego. The truth of the matter though is that it is not. Even the German Review Ludo kindly pointed me towards STATES IT IN PLAIN GERMAN. lol had to do that as they always say it is in plain english.

    Anyways I love Janty Products great QC. All of the people that bought other batteries that were made by joye back when Joye made janty products needed to realize this. One part of the factory was making Janty products, the other part were making generic ones. Anyone who showed skill at soldering wiring ect, was brought to Janty side. Any microchips that were a little dodgy went into the generics, not the janty ones. That is the Janty difference IMO.

    I hope I didn't offend anyone.
  5. Ludo

    Ludo Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Feb 27, 2008
    We never said Neo Classic is the next BIG thing... the next BIG thing is MiD ;-)

    Neo Classic is our version of a simple to use system that combines carto and clearo technology.

    I think we did a good job, we've sold more Neo Classics in these first few months then any other model. I also think the Neo has its specific superb taste, a pure taste due to its unique heating coil choice. I also think the filling system is a great asset. I also think the batteries are Very High Quality REGULATED BATTERIES. And to top it off, the design is beautiful :)

    I do agree that the Neo puromizers are a bit pricy, due to the high quality components used. We are currently working on a new exchangeable coil version that would be cheaper to produce.

    As for MiD, brace yourself around July 2012...
  6. prateus

    prateus Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 20, 2009
    Muskoka, Ontario
    Hey Ludo, Thanks For your Reply I always feel you are honest and accurate. True you did not say it was the next big thing. Can you tell me this about M.I.D. Is it a Pipe? Or was I smart to get the kuwako.

    So are you saying the neo batts are regulated? Because alot of reviewers even the german review you posted states that they are not. Also do they use P.W.M?

    I have heard from alot of people that they start at 4.1v and end around 3.2v.

    Either way I am happy. But if they are designed to give 3.7 and stay that is good. Or if they are designed to be the median of 3.4v like the Ego I am happy with that too. I recently had a joye clone or whatever die on my gf. My gf mum was using a janty that I had sold her months ago, she has newer stuff now too but man vaping this feels good. Even the stainless steel feels better. It is atleast 1.5yrs old too.
  7. Ludo

    Ludo Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Feb 27, 2008
    It is advisable to consult Janty Official Website or Janty Europe Wesbhop for correct information.

    Janty Neo Classic Batteries, 650 mAh: provide 3.4 Vrms, using a PWM signal of 100Hz (approx.).

    With regards to MiD Series:
    We will announce around June what it is and when it will be available. We are currently testing the prototype and still have lots of things to prepare before we can share it with you, not least of all the patents for it ;-)

    What you can expect in the coming weeks:
    Janty eGo-X atomizer
    Janty Neo + puromizer
    Janty eGo-C improved
    Janty eGo-C B type improved
    Janty eGo VV battery improved
    Janty Abaca Series Liquids

    Like us on Janty | Facebook to receive latest updates with regards to the above new product launches

    Gotta run! Development is calling!
  8. FaniFox

    FaniFox Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 24, 2011
    Pardon? Is it already Christmas?

    Well, nobody can accuse you guys of being lazy!!! :)
  9. son et lumiere

    son et lumiere Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Dec 30, 2009
    Ludo, I am really excited for the MID. However I love my Neo. However i'm really excited for the MID. :p

    But really the neo is excellent. The pureomizers last forever never leaked for me. Produce thick vapor and give a throat hit that I love. The Neo is a masterpiece.
  10. prateus

    prateus Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 20, 2009
    Muskoka, Ontario
    Man I am happy and feel like a kid at christmas.

    Sorry if I came on to strong or seemed like a hater.

    I have been in a void since I heard of the tesla.

    It just seemed like please bring out the next revolution.

    Especially with like Mik says China slapping parts together and spewing them out as the latest and greatest lately. IE. Lavatube first VV. yeah I like it, but I still use my Ego or Ego VV Most of the time. I actually have "lost" my lavatube somewhere in my apartment which isnt too big really for the last two weeks. I just havent cared enough to venture into the closet, what with this wierd weather, 25 degrees celcius in march in northern Ontario? like 70-80 degree F. It is wierd. Then the next day it is -1. like 20 degreesF I don't know. I don't understand how 50 is cold and 80 can be hot? but oh well. I guess that is why the rest of us went metric. I hate how the states says it would cost to much to overhaul everything but everything has to be special for the states right now so it is costing US more.
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