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Joyetech Defective or wrong product

Discussion in 'Reviews of Suppliers - Negative' started by ratgt, Jun 20, 2017.

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  1. ratgt

    ratgt New Member

    Apr 9, 2014
    Supplier Negative Review

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    Jun 20, 2017​

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    Defective or wrong product​

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    Warning: sells modified Eleaf iStick Pico 25 kit!

    I finally had decided I should buy a Pico 25 mod and thought that I might as well get the whole kit that includes the tank.

    I Googled “Pico 25” and as I am in Europe, one of the e-shops in top search-results was

    I visited their website and red carefully through the product page, making sure that their description of what is included in the Eleaf’s iStick Pico 25 kit is the exact same description as all other EU and US e-shops (copy-pasted from Eleaf) which states among others ‘2 ml tank’ and ‘spare parts’. Eleaf is tackling the ‘2 ml tank law’ by including a 4 ml extension glass in the kit among the aforementioned ’spare parts’.

    So I went ahead and ordered it and when I received the Pico 25 kit the 4 ml glass was unfortunately missing. There was literally an empty slot in the package where the 4 ml glass should have been.

    And that is when the ‘worst case scenario’ occurred: I phoned their support and told them about the situation and they answered that this is the case with the specific product. I kindly explained that this is not the norm, that the rest of the European and US e-shops include it and that they should edit the official description which they have copy-pasted to their website and add to it that the 4 ml glass is not included.

    The support-lady clearly did not care about me complaining how misleading their sale was. The only thing she cared about was to repeat over and over, again and AGAIN “we are selling products that follow the UK law”, “your package is the original unmodified kit”, etc.

    Here is a ‘smal’ part of our 30 minute long (!!!) conversation:

    - Me: “Why don’t you add to the original description that the 4 ml glas has been removed.”
    Support: “No, it has not been removed, that’s how we receive them from the manufacturer.”

    - Me: “But every other EU and US e-shop is selling the unmodified kit WITH the 4 ml glass in it.”
    Support: “Then they are being unlawful.”

    - Me: “So all EU and US e-shops selling the unmodified kit are unlawful while you are lawful?”
    Support: “Yes.”

    - Me: “Ok, never mind, can you please send me the missing 4ml glass separately?”
    Support: “No, we cannot do that.”

    - Me: “Then I would like a refund as I have received an incomplete kit.”
    Support: “You cannot receive a refund because you have received a product that includes everything stated in the description.”

    - Me: “But ALL other e-shops use the exact same description, which states among others ‘2 ml tank’ and ‘spare parts’, and WITHIN the spare parts there is a 4 ml glass included while the kit that you have send does not.”
    Support: “The 4 ml should not be there, it is illegal to include it.”

    - Me: “But this IS how Eleaf manufactures the specific kit, this is how all other e-shops sell it, and obviously, the kit that specifically YOU have sold me has been modified and an important part, the 4 ml glass, has been removed resulting an empty slot next to the mod.”
    Support: “The kit that all other e-shops are are selling is illegal.”

    . . .

    I am sure that you have understood by now that this conversation was purposely going around in circles as they did not care about a solution, nor did they want at least to accept that they should edit their description and mention that the 4 ml glass has been removed.

    I finally asked to speak to the manager whom used the exact same tactics, repeating the same answers over and over again.

    I rounded off the phone call by asking her “Do you really think that it is worth risking saving 50 British Pounds for your company against a dissatisfied customer that will clearly tell everybody about this incident online?” and her answer was simply “Do whatever you like”.

    They obviously value more avoiding refunds than a satisfied costumer and they prefer to waste 30 minutes of my and their time repeating things like robots than giving me a solution. And they will certainly avoid to simply tell you a damn “sorry for the misunderstanding, will make sure it will not happen again”. Talking about the epitome of unprofessionalism!

    Fellow vapers, you have been warned, the choice is yours.​
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