LadyStrick9's Daughter (The Party is officially here)

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Feb 1, 2013
Fort Carson
    So I've been hearing for an extended period of time how amazing this forum is. Stories here and stories there finally took the plunge. I go by many names but mostly Red or Irish. I have a spitfire attitude and speak my mind... Sometimes that can get me into trouble. 29 years old, I am an Army wife, my husband has been in for 13 years with 5 deployments under his belt, this last one messed him up something fierce so he just got a medical retirement approved. I am currently my husband's mistress because well the military is 1st everything else is last lol. I've been vaping off and on now for over a year... Getting ready to take the plunge from off and on to always. I am Lady's youngest daughter, no kids, unless you count our 150 pound furkid but aside from that, if you have questions feel free to ask.
    Not open for further replies.

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