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Long-Term Vaping is Not a Public Health Problem

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optimistic cynic
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Jan 25, 2010
Birmingham, Al
I'm 90% sure that I've done this one, and answered at least one set (maybe two) of follow up questions. Perhaps they've updated the survey since it began, because i don't remember anything about a cotinine test.
10. The study began in October 2012 and ends in December 2014, we expect 1200 participants


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Sep 22, 2013
All 57 States
Did this survey months ago, couple of updated surveys in between. Received the swab kit today. Will swab and send it out tomorrow. I'm not worried about them getting my dna, Scotch, Irish, French, English, Greek and Chippewa, and that's just what I know of. :) If they can sort all of that out and find something else maybe I'll make the NEWS.
Don't worry, I'll remember you all when I'm famous!!!
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