Mixing Lorann's flavor drops with unflavorfull juice

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Jun 27, 2009
    Yes you can. It's easier to use a small amount of the eliquid and flavor to taste. Make a note of the percentage of eliquid to flavoring once you get the taste right and use those measurements to flavor the entire bottle.

    There are several other brands you could try....Capellas, Fairies Finest, Bickfords to name a few.


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    Sep 5, 2009
      Hi, I recently bought a sampler pack of juice from besteciggy and they all taste horrible. I was wondering if I could buy some flavor drops from Lorann and mix it with my juice.

      You could try, but sometimes Loranns plus factory flavoring = ugh! Besteciggy apparently makes their own juice, so it might be loranns to begin with, but it's trial and error.


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        they just all taste the same, like perfume and gross. could I maybe try some from diyflavorshack and make them taste better?

        If you've just started vaping your sense of taste and smell will change:) When I first started most stuff was just kind of blah, but that chaned along with my taste buds:) Get a strong liq to vape now so you can taste it, but don't get rid of the ones you have now, later you might like them:) Whew:rolleyes: Try some red hots from dawn's

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        Nov 18, 2009
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          Loranns + weak flavor = an improvement, if you like the particular Loranns flavor

          Loranns + good flavor with too much of one note, to balance it out = again, possibly helpful

          Loranns + bad flavor = probably hopeless

          Just my results from experimenting in the past several days. The nasty/perfumy ones are really just beyond repair.
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