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Money Saving Milestones-Insider Tips

Discussion in 'Vaper Insurance Specialist' started by David R Gould, May 11, 2017.

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  1. David R Gould

    David R Gould Full Member

    Today I am going to describe 3 important milestones for Vapers looking to save money on their life insurance.

    1. Quitting Cigarettes: this is why most of us are here, right?! Making the healthy choice of switching from cigarettes to vape is a life changing event for many reasons. You and those around you are going to see and feel the positive benefits of this transition immediately. Now for the purposes of being considered a NonSmoker on a life insurance application, you can vape nicotine, but you can't have used cigarettes for at least 1 year. So there is Milestone #1, whether you have an existing policy or need a new one, this is the time to take advantage of the new you!

    2. Zero Nic: If you have been following this forum, then you already know that Vape/NonSmoker rates can be as much as 60% less than Smoker rates. And as a Vaper applying with the right carrier, you can fully disclose your use and test positive for Nicotine, and not have to even consider hiding anything. What most folks don't know, though, is that if you don't vape nicotine juice you can get an even deeper discount! Again, the key is knowing which carrier to use. Since some vapers never used nicotine and others are weening themselves off nicotine completely over time, this represents a significant savings opportunity. Even if you already have a NonSmoker/Vaper policy, this is an option you'll want to explore if you are no nic.

    3. Quitting Vape: As enjoyable and low impact as vaping may be, it can be a temporary stage for some. If vape is a part of an overall process of getting away from nicotine completely, then once you are a year out from your last vape and nicotine use, voila!, your insurability options just increased exponentially. You are potentially eligible for "Preferred Best", ie., the lowest premiums available with any carrier (subject to your overall health).

    Keep these helpful tips in mind as you consider protecting your loved ones with a life insurance policy. If you already have a policy in force, remember that it is possible to get lower rates based on positive developments in your health, allowing you to potentially save thousands of dollars. For more information, please contact us for a free evaluation, or quote yourself here.
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