Need reliable 510 atomizers - HELP!!!

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I hope someone can help me (and my husband). I've been vaping for 2 years+ with a GLV2. I prefer atomizers. Usually an atomizer would last me a month or more, but in the last couple of months I can't seem to find an atomizer that lasts more than a week and even more recently we've run into a lot of atomizers that fail right out of the package.

We haven't changed e-juice. We take care of our GLV2s. We can't afford to buy atomizers constantly.

Does anyone know a source for reliable 510 atomizers that are reasonably priced??


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Mar 9, 2011
    You don't say where you have been ordering from, but if you haven't tried them, the empiremods 510 atomizers are really good. They are $5.99 each. If you are looking @ rda's the igo l is popular for it's ease of build. You would need wick and some kanthal wire. The subforum for rebuildables is huge, but full of really good info if you haven't checked already.


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    Jun 18, 2013
      It's quite easy to rebuild if you're good with your hands. It basically requires that you wrap a few wraps of very thin wire around a thin wick, and make sure the ends go/connect to where they're supposed to. It's a bit different for different heads but the theory is the same.

      I'm not familiar with the device you currently have but if you get something like a Vamo battery holder it has a built in ohms tester, so you can make sure the resistance of your newly built head is good before use. Vamo's are cheap drom, but if you get one from them make sure you get the kit with the nitecore charger. (Kit and charger and two big batteries around fifty bucks and a two week wait from China)

      edit...building your own is cheap. You only need a few bucks worth of wire, and a few bucks of wick, and you're good for a year or so.
      Thanks for the replies!!

      We've bought atomizers from a number of different places. We're both experiencing failures at an unusual rate. I don't understand why, but we can't afford to buy atomizers at this rate. If it was just my atomizers that were failing I would think its my vape or my error (although I am very careful), but it's both mine and my husband's atomizers that are dying off too quickly. It was normal for an atomizer to last me a month or longer. Lately I've been lucky to have one last a week. I haven't changed e-juice. I haven't tried to mod anything. I don't understand why this is happening, but I can't afford it and I don't want to stop vaping.

      I'm very good with my hands. I've been watching videos on rebuilding all morning and I'm pretty sure I can do what I've seen.

      Sorry, I'm just very confused about why we're having difficulties and what will be the most reliable and economical solution.
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