New To Vaping - LUX Battery Questions/Problem

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First off, I want to say I LOVE MY LUX ..... but..... <sigh>

I am currently just into my 19th day of vaping. When I made this momentous decision, I wanted an e-cig that was stylish with batteries that held a long charge and had a decent lifespan. I've been using my LUX alternating with the regular and dual coil cartomizers. After burning a couple of cartomizers by not having enough liquid in them, I learned that lesson the hard way, and it's no longer an issue.
My issue is disappointment with the batteries that I have received and I really want to LOVE them.

I'll try to make the long story as short and simple as possible. With my first order of the LUX I got the two batteries in black on July 25. They seemed real good - charged up in about 4 hours and lasted for about 8 hours of vaping, which was great! I decided I should order another as well as another means of charging the next week, so that, if needed, I could have two charging at the same time and never be without a working ordered a silver battery and a car charger along with some different juices.

The silver battery that I got with that second order would not hold a charge at all. The charger would get the blue light after a few hours, I'd put it on my cartomizer, and got nothing but cold air and blinking button. I tried it several times on different chargers, to be sure it wasn't one of the chargers that was the problem. I called MV, discussed it with the customer service rep (who was very nice and helpful) and she arranged sending me another one with a return label for the original silver one. I was satisfied with that solution thinking I just "got a bad one". I got the new one in the mail yesterday. I put that on the charger, and used it for one session this morning and it only lasted 4 hours. It's back on the charger now, and we'll see how it performs after it "blue lights". :)

In the meantime, one of my original black batteries (remember only 19 days old) is now totally not working at all since yesterday. It has been on both chargers for hours for 3 or 4 sessions, and indicates that it's fully charged by the "blue light". I've attached it a couple different working cartomizers and I might get 2 hits off it and it starts blinking....goes dead.

So hear I sit with one original black battery that seems to be working okay, that I just took off the charger one hour ago. I have no idea how long it will last, but I'm very discouraged that I have one original (black) battery that is not operating at all, one (silver) battery in the box to be returned, and one (silver) battery on the charger that doesn't seem to be performing properly (only 4 hours the first time this morning).

I keep reading posts about how these batteries should stay charged 4 times longer than a smaller one - (10 - 12 hours?) and that they should last for months - (3 - 6?) and I'm dumbfounded.
There's a pack on analogs in the freezer, but I really do not want to resort to them before the day is over. Ugh!

I love vaping, as my newly created signature says and I really NEED to for my health. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong, but need to somehow resolve this battery problem. I also want to say that I've been very impressed with the customer service and quick delivery from Modern Vapor.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!



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Jan 26, 2010
    Get back on the phone with Cust Svc, explain to them exactly what you've explained to us here. They'll take care of you, guaranteed. Trust me, they'll make it right.

    Curious abt those Lux batts, though. Mine is going on 9 months and still holds a charge for a couple of days...maybe something weird happened during manufacturing a recent lot...


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    Jan 5, 2010
      I on;y have a few moment but will check back again. I definitely agree with contact customer service for this issue but I'm concerned you may be using the wrong chargers. The LUX doesn't specifically have a car charger - the 902 does. Also the 902 charger has a blue light while the LUX charger has a short cable with a green and red light.
      Thanks to both of you. The charger I got with the original kit is a wall unit with a USB cord. On the back of the wall unit is Model No.: MV108. I wondered about the car charger, too, and when I ordered it talked to the CS woman and she said I needed the charger only as shown on the 902 accessories page, and then the LUX USB cable that is on the LUX accessories page. Both of the cables I was sent have a red light glowing while they are charging, and a blue light when they are finished. I do not see a model or item number on them anywhere.


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      Aug 27, 2010
        I'm just going to throw this out, so please don't jump on me, but are the dual coils lr cartos? LR can affect the battery life and even kill a mosfet chip. I had this happen once, (different vendor), sent the dead out of warranty battery back to him. He dissected it and said the lr carto fried the chip.
        I'm just going to throw this out, so please don't jump on me, but are the dual coils lr cartos? LR can affect the battery life and even kill a mosfet chip. I had this happen once, (different vendor), sent the dead out of warranty battery back to him. He dissected it and said the lr carto fried the chip.

        Well, Natalia...... I don't know if they are LR not not, or any of that technical stuff. :confused: LOL
        All I know is that they are the dual coil cartos that are made for and sold as, accessories to the LUX battery and I ordered thrm from MV. :?:
        Just talked to Julia in customer service. Seems that I am a mystery woman as we could not pin down the problem. Along with the inoperable silver one that I was to send back, I am enclosing the bad black one in tomorrows mail. This leaves me with two "kinda working" batteries for over the weekend. She is going to send out a new black one... and another charger set (charger and cable) to see if that makes a difference. I told her I would track how these two I'm left with perform over the week-end and get in touch with her about them on Monday. Hopefully, we get to the bottom of it. I have a feeling I am going to be smoking analogs before the weekend is over. <Heavy sigh> Thanks to everyone for the help and suggestions thus far, and if anyone has any more ideas, please pitch them out there. Have a great weekend!
        This seems to happen once in a blue moon and I feel terrible you're having to deal with this. How many of the short charging cables do you have? I ask because mine did go bad once after about 6 months and replacing it did the job.

        I really appreciate all of your help, Garnoch! I do have two of the short charging cables. I will mark one to identify it, (where did that nail polish go?) and see if one cable or the other makes a difference. Thanks again!
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