Orb Vapor Natural & Organic Coconut Review.

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Mar 22, 2013
    Orb Vapor offers natural & organic e-liquids. They never use any artificial flavors whatsoever. Only usda certified organic flavors. They offer 100% VG if you prefer. Plus a wide range of customization options like Vg/Pg options, flavor options, and more. You can tell they pride themselves on delivering authentic organic artisan e-liquids.

    Their coconut is a great example of just what they are capable off. I personally have a preference for 100% VG mixes. The thing with some VG juices is they don't hold flavor well. That is why Orb vapor has me so impressed. Their brand of clean, balanced, organic, rich flavor, is not something I have come across before. Especially in a VG juice I cant say I have ever experienced such a great VG coconut vape. I got the coconut in a 2.ohm atomizer at the moment and I like how it fully comes alive at 3.8 -4.0 volts. Or I can just as well have a relaxing vape after dinner at 3.4-3.6 volts. The natural & organic difference is certainly noticeable. This is some good tasting juice. If you like coconut then I am sure you will love Orb Vapor coconut. You have not experienced the full potential of an organic coconut until you try Orbvapor coconut.

    Orb Vapor All Natural & Organic E-Liquid
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