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Pro Smoke Mini e-Cig Vapor & Review

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by lusayalmino, Dec 3, 2011.

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  1. lusayalmino

    lusayalmino Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 31, 2011
    DISCLAIMER: I previously posted this review and was banned by ECF because they thought I was a non-registered employee of Pro Smoke. I proved to ECF that I am not any sort of rep for any cigarette company; they reinstated me. I promise this is an objective and honest review of my Pro Smoke experience.

    I recently entered a new Vapor store in my area, they (the employees and clients coming in) were blown away by the amount of vapor coming out of my tiny little cigarette-sized mini Pro Smoke e-Cig -- they just couldn't believe it. They were trying to sell me an eGo or a 510 but actually told me I really wouldn't get much more vapor or flavor than what I was already getting from my Pro Smoke.

    HARSH THROAT – I was previously using 21[SUP]st[/SUP] Century Smoke which burned my throat; the ProSmoke is MUCH smoother. Some folks seem to like the harsh throat hit; I prefer the smooth hit. Of course, Pro Smoke uses 100% VG (more below) and this may be a big reason for the smoothness (many feel PG gives more of a TH than VG).

    CARTS & REFILLING – Pro Smoke cartridges are easy to refill. Now they are small little carts, but I was able to squeeze 15-20 drops into each one. Here’s their secret: they use only a TINY bit of polyfill, but then use super thick quality 100% VG – and get this: they actually use a Low Rez Atty (tons of vapor)! So you can put a ton of juice in the cart, but with no leakage. Warning: when I used thinner 100% PG e-juice in the Pro Smoke, I sometimes get some juice in my mouth.

    BATTERY, VAPOR, & SIZE – Pro Smoke’s battery lasts about 90% of 21[SUP]st[/SUP] C (I smoke 1.5 packs per day and must recharge battery 2-3x’s). Likewise, the vapor is about 90%. However, the 21[SUP]st[/SUP] century e-cig is about 35% larger than PS (and about 2x’s the weight). Also, the 21[SUP]st[/SUP] Century cartridge is steel and therefore you can’t hold it in your mouth or teeth while shooting a game of pool. By the way, their batteries are very good: small, powering a low rez atomizer, and producing tons of vapor and flavor.

    BREAK IN PERIOD – It takes a couple days for a new atomizer to get going; more and more vapor and flavor as time went on.

    CARRYING CASES – There are 3 DIFFERENT cases from ProSmoke. There’s two different models of the “Portable Carrying Case” [steel case without charger]. One has 5 internal slots; one has 3 internal slots. The one with 3 internals slots is better as it stores the items diagonally, allowing a fully assembled e-cig (battery + atomizer + cartridge). The one with 5 slots does not (so you have to unscrew the atomizer each time you put the cig in/out of the case). Also, the Pro Smoke PCC is fantastic.

    FLAVORS – The flavors are surprisingly robust & delicious; I loved the cherry – it’s almost like smoking a quality tobacco in a cherry pipe. Their chocolate, coffee – all top notch. Also, a PS sales rep told me that in 2012, they are going to start carrying more flavors, e-juice, & blank carts.

    CUSTOMER SERVICE – My kit was missing some items when it arrived. They don’t email or phone. The electronic ‘ticket’ system works relatively well (2-4 hour response time). I live in NY and it took 2 business for my missing items to arrive. They sent me 5 free flavor cartridges for their mistake.

    Perhaps this e-cig won’t quite go toe to toe with a Joye 510; but keep in mind that this electronic cigarette is the size of a real cigarette (much shorter and narrower than the 510’s). The Pro Smoke e-cig may very likely be the best possible entry point for newbies entering the world of vaping.
  2. ndnshift

    ndnshift Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 22, 2010
    that's because it couldn't sound more like a sales pitch...

    there's nothing special about a prosmoke, same rebranded smoore mX01/2. glad you like it.

    one of my first ecigs was a prosmoke, although thats when they were 3 piece. but since i ordered from them, they keep sending me their "newsletter" and i completely wrote them off after !@#$ like this:

    We do not use Propylene Glycol

    Our cartridges are not made with Propylene Glycol, an ingredient found in radiator fluid and makeup, as its base, the main ingredient in most of our competitors' products. We use Vegetable Glycerin and also have non nicotine options! It is known for producing the most vapor and not having a harsh "throat hit" like PG. It costs more to make but we feel it's the best for our clients!

    We use Vegetable Glycerin NOT Propolyene Glycol

    One of the number one questions you can ask yourself when shopping for electronic cigarettes is "Do they use PG or VG?". We use vegetable based liquid as our main ingregedient unlike our competitors which main ingredient is used in makeups and radaitor fluid.
  3. Thunder

    Thunder Full Member

    Jan 20, 2012
    Oklahoma City
    Sorry about you being banned. :-O

    Your review is helpful. The case pack serve as a charger, too? You said that the Atomizer has to be unscrewed to put the battery are talking about charging, right? Is there another slot for complete assembled e-cig to go into?

    How are the battery situation? Does it get dangerously hot? Extreme heat? Burn your throat when inhaling?
  4. lusayalmino

    lusayalmino Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 31, 2011
    1) Yes, I bought the kit which had the Personal Charging Case (PCC)
    2) I've got to be honest with you, I can't remember but I'm pretty sure a fully assembled e-cig will fit in the PCC (I won an eGo-T Kit and got rid of the ProSmoke)
    3) Answered in 2
    4) It gives a nice warm vape -- similar to a Joye 510
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