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Question about blends

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Nov 16, 2014
Lafayette, IN
    Hello all, I guess I'm new here.

    I have a question about blends of VG and PG. I was having trouble with my old setup getting any respectable amount of vapor. (Kangertech protank 3 with a twist battery.) I recently got an Aspire nautilus and an istick eleaf. I am now producing vapor like a champ. However, I am getting a little too much of a throat hit from my 50/50 mix (Pure Vape Indy). I have done enough research to know that mixes with higher VG will produce less throat hit.

    Now, my question is this: when a mix is, for example, 50/50 or 80/20 which number represents VG and which represents PG?

    I am hoping it is VG/PG because I will be going out of town, to where I used to live, where I can buy "80/20" (Hoosier Vapes).

    Thanks in advance!


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    Nov 12, 2014
    Orlando, FL
      Don't quote me on this, but most of the time, the ratio xx/xx is PG/VG. Like others have said, sometimes its flipped, but not nearly as common. You may want to verify that with your vendor as high PG blends will absorb a lot faster into your system and metabolize quicker than a high VG. Not much to it, though you may get Nic nausea a lot quicker with those blends. Hope this helps!


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      Sep 9, 2014
      portland, or
        I went from a kanger to a Nautilus Mini and noticed the same thing. I was using 65/35 PG/VG and had to kick it down to 50/50. I also had to bump down the voltage on the iStick to voltage to 1.8 + coil Ohms. I was running my kanger and Innokin iStick vv at 4.4 volts for a 2.2 ohm coil. Maybe it's my imagination but the eLeaf seems to run coils a lot hotter.
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