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Discussion in 'Nhaler' started by mbagdon, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. mbagdon

    mbagdon Full Member

    Oct 19, 2009
    I was redirected over here with my questions.

    I wanted to get KR808D-1 manual batteries to go with greencig cartomizers. i read that the greencig cart won't work with the manual but it does with the auto. Is that still the case? I really want a ecig with a manual batteries. My husband and i ride motorcycles and with our current ecig (BE103), which has an auto battery, is activated by the vibration of the motorcycle and the wind. So i really need a good ecig with manual battery.

    More questions
    There is so much info here. I would like a two piece but if a 3 piece is better
    than i would get that. I just want a better ecig than the BE103. I was looking at getting the KR808D-1 but now i am considering the Joye 510. It has to have a manual battery. Is there any other ones i should consider? Thank you.
  2. Katmar

    Katmar Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Sep 19, 2009
    Pittsburgh, Pa
    I doubt that the 808 long auto battery will activate on a bike. There is a long and an extra long. I am pretty sure the long auto would be fine. Maybe PM Drew and he can tell you for sure.
    Good luck
  3. Katmar

    Katmar Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Sep 19, 2009
    Pittsburgh, Pa
    SORRY.... I meant will NOT activate......
  4. needvapor

    needvapor Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    In the forums that (someone) stated this will work with carto's with no notches and also the batteries with no notches.. I havent tried yet, my manual should be here tomorrow and then I can let you know. I love my 2 piece more than my 510 because I do not need to play around with refilling all the time and the batteries in the kr808 last alot longer than the 510 model. There is an adapter to use the carto's on a 510 but I havent heard much about it. The other reason I love my 2 piece is I do not need to worry about dying atty's it is just easier for me and my lifestyle. The carts in both kr808 and greencig hold much more liquid and I believe put out more vapor. The kr808 you will get a stronger throat him from.
    let me find that link:

    I would also PM drew and ask about the auto long on a bike. I can hold out my window driving tomorrow and let you know if it lights up if you like! ;)
  5. buttercrunch

    buttercrunch Super Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 15, 2009
    the GC carts on the KR manual batts with the staple mod works great! .....remember to remove the staple before re-charging the batts!
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