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Shocker by G2 Vapor

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Mar 2, 2013
This is an excerpt of my review of Shocker by G2 Vapor. To read the full review please visit my blog.

This is a personal review of a product I either bought or received free of charge. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of this website, ECF

"I'm vaping Shocker (12mg) in an Igo-L on a mechanical mod running on an 18650 battery. If I take short, shallow drags into my mouth, I taste a sweet, full bodied raspberry. This is an entirely pleasant flavour (see Deshocker) and I'd be happy to vape on this alone, but this is just the beginning. When I take more sustained, deeper drags, Shocker rolls up its sleeves and goes to work. Comparisons are made on the G2 Vapor website to Pluid. I quote, "If you like "Pluid" you will definitely wanna put this juice in your rotation.....or if you haven't been able to get your hands on "Pluid" this is similar to Pluid with a bit of berry flavor added to it." Unattributed review. http://g2vapor.com/About.html I haven't tried Pluid so I'm unable to affirm or deny this. However, Shocker is one of the most intense vapes I've yet had the good fortune to experience.

As I begin to inhale I taste sweetness on the tip of my tongue and on the insides of my cheeks, followed almost immediately afterwards by the sensation of building pressure at the back of my throat. The flavour of anise is apparent almost from the outset and builds in intensity until I finish inhaling, take a short, shallow breath of fresh air and hold momentarily. At this point the raspberry manifests and continues to build and marry with the anise. The aftertaste is extraordinary. It's at this stage in the vape that the anise beds in, having a mildly numbing effect on my tongue. Successive draws on the device increases the sensation, or rather, lack of sensation in my tongue with the flavour of melded anise and raspberry persisting for quite some time. The anaesthetic quality of the vape is mild, but it's unmistakeable. You can't miss it."

Not open for further replies.

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