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Radiator Pluid by Mad Murdock

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Mar 2, 2013
    This is an excerpt from my review of Radiator Pluid by Mad Murdock. To read the full review please visit my blog.

    This is a personal review of a product I purchased with my own money. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of this website, ECF.

    "As I draw the vapour into my mouth there's a flood of lightly sweetened flavour. There's a broad sensation of flavour that seems to sit squarely between sweet, bitter and sour which is a clumsy way of saying that the flavour is spiced. Not spicy as in chilli, but spiced as in Christmas minced fruit pies. The anise makes it's presence felt immediately, with a slight numbing of the tip of my tongue. With successive draws and inhalations the anaesthetic effect of this juice is amplified until my whole tongue and the forward edge of the roof of my mouth is partially numbed. When I inhale the mouthful of vapour and continue to inhale while continuously firing the device, I taste the anise and, though at first I didn't perceive it, the merest suggestion of the tart aspect of Granny Smith apple. Once I've inhaled my fill of vapour, I take a short breath of air to chase it into my lungs and as I do so, the flavour of anise is intensified. At this point, and as I hold my breath for a moment before proceeding to exhale, I discern the unlikely addition to the overall flavour sensation of spearmint and a vague plumminess that leans towards the aforementioned spiced, minced fruit. The dominant anise carries through to the aftertaste with the subtlest hint, again, of apple. The anaesthetic effect abides in my mouth for a good twenty minutes after my last vape."

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