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Sigelei 35W !?!!

Discussion in 'VV/VW APV Discussion' started by 69CamaroSS, Apr 12, 2014.

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  1. 69CamaroSS

    69CamaroSS Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 8, 2014
    Upstate, SC, USA
  2. Uglymusa

    Uglymusa Moved On

    Dec 19, 2013
  3. Butters80

    Butters80 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 31, 2013
    Boise, ID
    It'd be sweet for sure. I got the 20 watt so I'll stick with it for awhile. I saw on a different post that hcigar is putting out its clone of the Hanna.
  4. TheBoo

    TheBoo Full Member

    my talk with a sales lady at sigelei on purchasing a sigelei 35w...

    us1056732302(2014-05-22 01:31:17):
    just wondering if you do single item samples and how much it would be shipped to USA
    cn1501314506(2014-05-22 01:31:36):
    cn1501314506(2014-05-22 01:31:38):
    we do
    cn1501314506(2014-05-22 01:32:03):
    35w is a little high
    cn1501314506(2014-05-22 01:32:15):
    maybe you can choose other goods like 30w
    cn1501314506(2014-05-22 01:32:18):
    or 20w
    cn1501314506(2014-05-22 01:32:47):
    20w we can free shipping, we have warehouse in USA, now 20w in stock
    us1056732302(2014-05-22 01:33:42):
    ill probably just end up building my own sx350 mod, there are some features of the sx350 that i want, just figured i would check.
    when do you think US vendors will start receiving the 35w?
    cn1501314506(2014-05-22 01:34:27):
    35w in stock
    cn1501314506(2014-05-22 01:34:31):
    just price is high
    cn1501314506(2014-05-22 01:35:12):
    and some customer bought it
    cn1501314506(2014-05-22 01:35:23):
    a little
    us1056732302(2014-05-22 01:35:39):
    how high? can i have a number?
    cn1501314506(2014-05-22 01:35:53):
    cn1501314506(2014-05-22 01:36:05):
    our 35w haven't number
    us1056732302(2014-05-22 01:38:00):
    i meant number of dollars and you were right, that is high... well thank you for getting back to me :) i am going to get my own sx350 chip and just make my own 35w device
    i hope you have a wonderful day :)
    cn1501314506(2014-05-22 01:38:18):
    cn1501314506(2014-05-22 01:38:23):

    yeah, no thanks lol
  5. Keynith

    Keynith Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 13, 2011
    You can get a raptor mod for that much. The price people pay for these things amazes me.

    Sent From My Galaxy Note 3
  6. ModBox

    ModBox Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 4, 2013
    United Kingdom
    I saw the release date on their website: 2014-05-09


    I have no idea if this is May 9th or 5th September

    500USD haha - More like £30 on FT
  7. herb

    herb Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Any link to that ?

  8. 4redstars

    4redstars Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 24, 2014
    The reason it's so high is because you're supposed to be a vendor. They don't want to be in the direct to consumer market.

    Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
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