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Sweet tobacco flavor recommendations?

Discussion in 'DIY E-Liquid' started by snkrumble, Sep 30, 2018.

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  1. snkrumble

    snkrumble Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 4, 2015
    Port Huron, MI, USA
    I know big tobacco thread, but that's a big sea of information to take in. About to get back into diy and just curious looking for some recommendations on sweet flavors.

    My favorite is hangsen ry4, just curious if anyone has a recommended flavors, I like to keep things simple just one flavor at 5,10,15% and shake it and go.

    I was eyeing the black honey tobacco from flavor apprentice. I don't have a ton of experience with all the tobaccos and figured best to ask for some recommended flavors and possibly percentage to mix them at.

    Any info is greatly appreciated thanks!
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  2. Sugar_and_Spice

    Sugar_and_Spice ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Sep 11, 2010
    between here and there
    Welcome to DIY.

    I gave up on tobacco flavors long ago but a favorite around here is Purilum Sweet Tobacco found at Nicotine River. I am sure many will be along shortly to share their favorites. If you would like to look at all of the threads in this section of ecf, just go back up one level to Diy E-liquid and scroll down. You will find many threads on tobacco, recipes, certain flavor makers, etc. Lots of info available....

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  3. madstabber

    madstabber Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Yea Purilum Sweet tobacco is delicious. I use it around 5% but it’s good up to 10% if it’s a stand-alone. Inawera gold ducat is another flavor that’s nice. It is darker than sweet T and will gunk coils quicker. Also it’s more of a tobacco then Sweet T but still tasty. I use gold ducat at 5% max but usually around 3%. TFA RY4 double is another fan favorite. I used that one for several years and only that so I’m a little burnt out on it but it’s good. That one I used 5-10%.
    I never used the black honey you referenced but I’ve heard good things for whatever that’s worth. What I like to do is mix a tobacco flavor with a cake flavor like Purilum simply cake or DIYFS angel food or gooey butter cake. Flavor West butterscotch ripple mixes nice with Sweet tobacco. Someone came up with a good recipe for that one at 7% Sweet T 5% butterscotch ripple or something like that I don’t remember exactly. Anyway that’s the ballpark for that one and it is really good. That’s all I got for you, hopefully you find something I wrote useful. Good luck to you and I hope you find something delicious to vape.
    P.S. if you do find something good be sure to share it, I love trying new mixes.
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  4. Hulamoon

    Hulamoon ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 6, 2012
    Waikiki Hawaii
    Edit, oops DIY thread. Sorry about that.
  5. snkrumble

    snkrumble Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 4, 2015
    Port Huron, MI, USA
    Thanks for the info. I was checking out the ry4 double think ill give that a shot. Also think ill give the honey tobacco a try also for the hell of it. I really love my hangsen but currently have about 15ml of flavoring left so not going to order any right now sense I got enough to make a bottle. Really wanting to get out there and try some other stuff. Just tobaccos are so hard (I tested a few Inawera flavors but really wants my thing or I mixed to much since they are super con's I think I put way to much flavoring like 10%.)

    But ill give some a go thanks again.
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  6. dc99

    dc99 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 17, 2014
    TFA RY4D could be done as a single flavor. Black honey not so much. There arent many single flavor tobacco's. JF RY4 is better than TFA for that purpose. There are quite a few 2 flavor tobacco recipes.
  7. madstabber

    madstabber Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    You should try some Purilum Sweet Tobacco also. It’s easily my favorite tobacco. If I could only have one tobacco flavoring, it would be sweet tobacco. Most people who I know have tried it, loved it as well.
  8. NicotineRush

    NicotineRush Linux Mint/Mate Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Purilum Tobacco Original at 7% is one of my ADV's.
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  9. BrotherBob

    BrotherBob ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Dec 24, 2014
    Both TFA RY4D and Black Honey are great choices, I have both of them and they are worth the purchase. I have added my initial notes on TFA BH:
    TFA Black Honey 5% ---------------------------------------------Surprise Tobacco [ELR 5%M/6%S]
    #12C-- Taste to tongue: Honey/Licorice strong
    Color: med. oxford brown.
    First impression: Very distinct honey. Second and more puffs:
    Lots of honey. Smooth with a distinctive musty note. Honey pipe type tobacco taste. Lots of possibilities
    for this taste by way of mixing adders. Very distinct. Smooth. Mix w/ sweet cream or custard? Very good on it's own/standalone/single.
    Rating 7.5/10
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  10. christylh8

    christylh8 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 29, 2018
    Huntsville, AL
    I like Euro Flavor Pipe Tobacco, but I always pair it with TFA Vanilla Swirl and a berry flavor.
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