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The end of one contest means the beginning of another... :) This time we'll have two winners!!!!

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May 17, 2009
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    Hey ECFers!

    Thanks to the huge response of our last contest we're throwing another. There will be two winners, one selected at random and the other based on the content of the post (further explained below). The winners each get 100 Vapor Bucks ($10) and this contest will run till Friday at midnight.

    You can enter up to 9 times but in this one I need your help. I'm having a hard time convincing Ben that we should have a totally awesome launch party for the new site (!) as well as for a secret product we're going to be launching soon. So in your post come up with compelling reasons we should have a Vapor Nine mini-awesomefest! :thumbs: The best one (or the one that convinces Ben to do it) will win the second non-random prize!

    Good luck everybody!



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    Aug 3, 2010
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      Thanks for the new contest... but you closed the other thread before we could say Congrats to the winner... :blink:

      (and you never post when the contests END...)

      And the winner is... (Drumroll, please)... #25 Morri!

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