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RDA The Mutation X RDA, WOW!

Discussion in 'RDA' started by treehead, Aug 12, 2014.

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  1. bull army

    bull army Full Member

    Sep 15, 2014
    tinley park IL
    Looks like the best of both worlds!!! im a micro manager when it comes to taste so the idea that I can change the airflow on the fly based on what im dripping is excellent
  2. Uncletattoowhat

    Uncletattoowhat Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 21, 2014
    Poquoson, VA
    Modified my fasttech chuff clone to fit. Removed the o-ring and took 30 seconds with a dremel. Now its a nice friction fit. My only complaint is now I can't adjust airflow depending on my mood at all. Hopefully someone comes out with a mutation x specific chuff clone soon lol.
  3. inswva

    inswva Do you even squonk, bro? Verified Member ECF Veteran

  4. sahsah

    sahsah Super Member ECF Veteran

    Exactly, the holes he finally landed on in the video, where he seemed to be happy with the outcome, sort of looked like a golf club. There was like a row on the bottom to hit the coil and then some holes punched in at about a 45-70 degree angle coming up from the base holes to create the Venturi effect. Really a great design I thought and I'd be really surprised if the mutation wasn't directly influenced by that very YouTube video or at least the words of someone who had seen it...
  5. sahsah

    sahsah Super Member ECF Veteran

    hmm, that looks just like my halo cap for my patriot but with an added hole drilled out after market.
  6. Sir Realist

    Sir Realist Full Member Verified Member

    Jul 23, 2014
    United States
    My GF just got the tobeco clone. do you guys know if they sell a shorter 510 she also runs the cartel clone and she doesn't like the gap it makes.
  7. trypsky

    trypsky Full Member Verified Member

    just got this atty yesterday and I love it! 30 bucks is a steal for basically a pre drilled tobh. I never was a fan of the tobh logo either so I like that it is blank and it looks super flush with my brass stingray and hybrid adapter. I'm using the nylon and steel drip tip that came with my infinite CATs clone and it looks and feels awesome. The only complaint I have is the o rings between the base and top cap. They are VERY lose. Practically fall off loose. I mean, if i turn it upside down it won't fall off but if I accidentally grab it slightly by the atty it does, and I have to be extra careful removing it from a case with an elastic band. So far I have tried many different o rings that I had lying around from other rbas and nothing fits. Everything I've tried makes it too tight to put the cap on at all.

    So my question is, has anyone replaced the o rings and if so which size did you use?
  8. bholcomb22

    bholcomb22 Super Member Verified Member

    May 13, 2014
    Denver, CO
    I know a few people have wrapped dental floss under the o ring to make it fit better. I have no issues with mine
  9. coreyoli

    coreyoli Senior Member

    Oct 5, 2014
    Got a mutation x and I find it very airy even with the holes completely closed...

    Maybe I got a did I'm kind of disappointed with mine... But hey if you like very airy you'll love it lol
  10. coreyoli

    coreyoli Senior Member

    Oct 5, 2014
    I should say thought that I'm pretty good at coil building however my wicking could use some with...

    So my problem with the x could be my own fault lol
  11. jaxgator

    jaxgator Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 24, 2014
    Jacksonville, FL
    Your post in the Gen section.

    Let me quote what I already posted to you about the MX in reply to your previous post, shall I?

  12. johndoe1027

    johndoe1027 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 18, 2014
    NC, USA

    LOVE MY MX!!!! :laugh:

    I picked up a Chuff style tip yesterday (assumed it's for a Tobh but didn't ask, they just had small and large). The cap was too large to fit into my MX, but not by much. No worries, making something smaller is way easier than making it bigger.

    After 10 min of sanding with 150 grit sandpaper I wish I had used 100 grit but now it fits nice and snug. Haven't got an o-ring that's perfect yet. After sanding it down the tip has the slightest taper to it and the last 1/32" gives it a nice press fit.

    My build (parallel 24ga @ 0.14) was too hot with the stock MX tip and the tip that came with my Stingray mod but now it's nice and cool. I was so used to a restricted flow that the first dozen draws left me wanting a little more restriction. I was running out of lung capacity on the inhale in like 2 seconds flat. Then I realized I could draw slower, it still doesn't get hot and man oh man the clouds are silly. I'm not one for machismo or competition (usually) but I was at a vape shop recently and someone was there asking his buddy to video a cloud for him. He was using the Congestus stacked 26650 mod and made a big deal about it, tried his hardest, stood up all straight, chest out the whole 9... it maybe equaled a 1.5 second cloud off the MX (with a single 18650 in a mech mod). I was headed out the door anyway. We're both happy with our gear and that's all that matters. :vapor:
  13. Madcowvt

    Madcowvt Full Member Verified Member

    Sep 29, 2014
    Colchester VT
    So far this is my favorite...granted I have only 3 (veritas clone, big dripper clone and mutation x) but I keep going back to this one. I wish the convenience of the big dripper was combined with the mutation x.... that would be perfect :)
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