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Jul 9, 2009
I've thought about it, and the idea has its ups and downs. I don't have any plans for that right now, but if I ever do, though, you can be sure I'll look here first. :thumbs:

I'm pretty sure this was meant as a joke; hwr, it is the one thing I thoroughly enjoy doing whether it is checking out new e-cigarettes (standard w/new extras, MODs, or refined MODs...), accessories (tanks, cartos, attys, and even the new Vivi Nova types from different vendors, etc...), and e-liquids of various types.

Best of all, I enjoy emailing the owner/person-in-charge to give them the results along with ways that may benefit future corrections based on usage; it is something that makes me feel as though I am helping others down the road when they buy a product that works well and does exactly as the box and/or included manual says it should do. With regards to e-liquids, I like to know that I did my part to ensure an e-liquid tastes as it should long before a customer purchases it long after it hits the digital and more common in some areas now at brick & mortar store shelves.

If I had my choice of owners or the ones in charge over beta-testers and the results, I want ones who do not mind constructive criticism where it's warranted without taking offense with any issue I may find that is less than stellar because after all, a company's future in and of itself along with the company's current and future customers are at stake. The last thing I want to do is keep quiet about an issue if something doesn't work right or in the area of e-liquids, doesn't taste anything like the advertisement claims because this will reflect on me as a person who is unable to step up when it comes time to take the gloves off when it is time to give the answers necessary to prove that I can do the job afforded to me and at the same time, the company's personnel who allowed the chance to show what I am capable of doing... I see it as a win-win scenario when dealing with already high-end companies and a great chance of becoming a win-win scenario with a company that rewards quality, affordability, and actually pays attention to those who are there to let them know what works and what doesn't work with regards to their product(s).

Stepping off the Soapbox.

This may sound simple; however, it kept me in the top 3 positions within a quality control group the CEO wrangled me into many years ago after I came to him when the engineer had no intention of listening to me when I figured out a more productive manner to produce a switch that reduced time, raised quality, cost less, and afford employees better benefits as the company was afforded even more benefits - well, everyone but the thick-headed engineer who thought his job was to sit around rifling papers without actually doing any work and still drawing a paycheck. :2cool:
Hey Leaford,
Got my first order from Bloog today, I got the deluxe starter kit. In the manual and on the website it says that the light on usb charger should start off red and change to blue when the battery is charged but the light on my charger comes on green whenever I plug it up. I was just wondering if the colors of the lights got changed recently on the chargers and what color it should be when the battery is charged.


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Jun 24, 2015
Hey folks in attempt to clean up our thread we are posting in older threads to let people know things are back on track and we are making things happen over at Bloog!

Biggest thing right now is the "Customer Appreciation Weekend" that is going on now through the weekend where you can save 75% on All American Viquids... that is like $3.74 for a 30ml bottle, so you better check it out fast. Not sure how long they will be around so STOCK up today!

Also take a peak at the deal on our new blog Customer Appreciation Weekend - Sale On Viquids we would love some help and feedback. We are looking for people to do reviews of our products in return for some awesome FREEBIES!! Just hit us up there if you are into that.
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