Trippy Tip Review functional art glass drip tips

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Jul 23, 2011
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    This is review of Trippy Tip art glass drip tips

    I don't know if can can really say much more than has already been said but I'll try my best:D

    I ran into Trippy Tips about 9-10 months ago I believe and was instantly In love with the tips they are of the highest quality and craftsmanship! If you've never tried them do yourself a favor and get 1. Your juice taste soooooo much better thru glass its unreal.
    Trippy tips are so much more then just glass drip tips the artists creativity put into each and everyone of these is unsurpassed in every way shape and form! Each 1 is like a mini universe in appearance. On the website you can also order custom creations of your own design or give the artist free reign to blow your glass and mind on a special one of a kind just for you tip! Another great feature of trippy tips is their double oring designed base (which is the intellectual property of Bert the master glassblower himself) it holds your tip in whatever you use it in perfectly! I could go on and on and on!!!!!! They are really over the top and the designs and creations just get better and better:2cool: Trippy Tips has a team of extremely talented glassblower putting out some really mind blowing work. Many other glassblower have tried imitating but never duplicating them:headbang: Further more the group of people you might call fans of these tips are some of the best people you will ever meet on the internet and don't just take my word for it pop over to the Trippy thread and see for yourself Thanks for reading
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