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May 18, 2011
    i started out loving metal drip tips before i get to know about trippy tips which are blown glass tips. After some times i decided to look into trippy tips and participate in my very first sale.
    I was lucky enough to purchase one from the sale and a few more from the classified. The trippy tips come in so many different designs and colors, and with the material being glass, you won't feel hot on the lips when you vape with it.
    There are just so many shapes that you will definitely find one or more that fits comfortable on your lips. I love the donut design as it prevent sucking up juice into your mouth when you vape. :thumbs:
    Think everyone who haven't own one should really try out the trippy tip and you'll be amazed be the art glass tip. Oh, and it's highly addictive once you start you can't stop. :D
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