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Updated Starting % List

Discussion in 'DIY E-Liquid' started by Vishousness, Apr 30, 2019.

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  1. Vishousness

    Vishousness Full Member

    Apr 12, 2019
    hey guys this is a updated list of starting pecentages i made for myself after i got alot of feedback on reddit how helpful it was to other people i made a mental note of keeeping everyone in the loop when i update for other beginners like me again i am a beginner i made this for myself if you see anything out of place or have a suggestion please comment this is by no means a word for word guide ... flavor tasting is subjective hope this helps u guys out as much as it helped me.

    Have but have been advised not use:

    FW-Yellow Cake-Contains Fructose***************

    WF-Teaberry-(Not Water Soluble)******(alternative to this is FW-wintergreen)

    Additive-E.M.(Ethyl Maltol)-(0.5-2% Sweetener & high % as Cotton Candy)

    Additive-WS23-(0.35% Starting Point for cooling doesn't have taste)

    Capella (CAP)
    CAP-27 Bears-(3% Accent & 6-7% Primary- Pineapple heavy gummy bears)

    CAP-Black Currant-(4% Accent up to 8% Primary- Weaker flavor)

    CAP-Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy-(2% or less w/ sweetener, Noticeable harshness above 3%)

    CAP-Butter Cream-(1-2% Accent- Waxy at high %)

    CAP-Cake Batter V1-(1-2% To add body/depth to custard/cake mixes- Atleast 1 week steep time)

    CAP-Cantaloupe-(2-4% Accent-Perfumey @ high %)

    CAP-Cinnamon Danish Swirl V1-(1% Accent up to 3% for bakery base)

    CAP-Cinnamon Sugar-(3% Light Accent & 5-6% Primary- Mellow Compared to other cinnamons)

    CAP-Double Apple-(1-3% Accent & 3-5% Primary-Green & Red Apples w/ Flesh)

    CAP-Dragon Fruit-(1-2%- Needs a steep, can be overpowering)

    CAP-French Vanilla V1-(1-3% Creamy flavor & 7% Bavarian Cream w/ vanilla notes)

    CAP-Fuji Apple-(1-3%-Backup texture & sweetness, Grassy above 4%)

    CAP-Glazed Donut-(2-3% Starting point tastes like play doh to some)

    CAP-Golden Pineapple-(0.5%-2% Accent & 3-5% Primary-Canned Pineapple)

    CAP-Grapefruit-(3% Starting point, stay away from bright harsh flavors like green apples and pears. Berries, Pineapple, Guava, Pomegranate and Creams. Too bright and harsh for bakeries, or spices. Cactus for juicines-Sweetened White Grapefruit.)

    CAP-Grenadine-(0.5-1%-Very artificial cherry accent)

    CAP-Hibiscus-(1-2% Accent/emulsifier- Base/Emulsifier for tropical fruits. Counterpoint for sharper tea flavors. Body for floral mixes.-stay away from fright fruits like peach & green apple)

    CAP-Italian Lemon Sicily-(2% or less-Slightly sweet not harsh/tart lemon,useful as accent lemon )

    CAP-Marshmallow-(1.5% or less, Chemical offnotes with higher %, Useful as texturizer)

    CAP-Passionfruit-(2.5% Starting Point,accent to other fruit/berry flavors , or work well in a berries & cream recipe. Can be excellent standalone at highest percentages)

    CAP-Pink Lemonade-(3% Starting Point-Needs help in citrus aspect)

    CAP-Sugar Cookie -(3.5% Starting Point, Pastries, cakes, pies, etc. many popular dessert recipes that use CAP Sugar Cookie at varying percentages or standalone at a higher %)

    CAP-Super Sweet-(**Use only as needed 1 drop/15ml**)

    CAP-Sweet Cream-(Low % Accent for less buttery creams, 6% Standalone)

    CAP-Sweet Currant-(As accent useful for fruits- Adds deep sticky tang)

    CAP-Sweet Guava-(1-2% Accent & Up to 7-8% with non harsh fruits)

    CAP-Sweet Lychee-(1-3 Accent & 3-5% Primary-Lychees in syrup)

    CAP-Sweet Mango-(2% & Under avoid as main flavor sweetness hard to manage, along w/ overripe flavor)

    CAP-Sweet Strawberry-(1-3% Accent flavor-Pairs well w/ TPA SB Ripe 1:1 ratio)

    CAP-Sweet Tangerine-(1.5-2%-Can be overpowering)

    CAP-Tart Cherry-(1-2% Accent -Tastes like cough syrup @ high %)

    CAP-Vanilla Cupcake V1-(5% For cake with frosting, can be used as a cake flavor at higher percentages to bump up a bakery or as frosting at lower percentages.)

    CAP-Vanilla Custard V1-(2-4% Accent & 5-7% Primary- Slightly eggy,sweetened vanilla custard)

    CAP-Vanilla Custard V2-(4% Or less)

    CAP-Vanilla Whipped Cream-(2-4% To smooth out & add creaminess, Useful for mouthfeel)

    CAP-VBIC (Vanilla Bean Ice Cream-(2% Ice cream edge for creamier base, 4% Solo ice cream component, 5% Max)

    CAP-Whipped Marshmallow-(3% Muted flavor needs to steep to taste like vanilla marshmallow)

    Flavour Art (FA)
    FA-Bergamot-(0.1-0.3%-Potent-Use for Tea)

    FA-Bilberry-(0.5% And work up as desired so it doesn't over-power a mix. May also require a bit more steep time to reach full potential compared to most fruits. )

    FA-Black Tea-(0.01-0.25% Accent, 0.25-0.75% Secondary, 1-3% Main, Potent Flavor-Needs steep time to come out)

    FA-Cardamom-(Around 2 drops per 10 ml or .05%, 0.2% for a coconuts or creams, 0.5% heavier chais or baked goods)

    FA-Coconut-(1-2% Accent & 2-3% Primary-Tastes like evap. Coconut milk)

    FA-Forest Fruit-(2-4% Accent & 5% Primary-Mixed berries may be harsh, needs short steep)

    FA-Fresh Cream-(0.5-2% Starting Point- Half & Half type cream no sweetness)

    FA-Fuji-(1-4 %-Adds Apple juiciness)

    FA-Kiwi-(0.25-2% Accent &1-3% Primary-Spot on slightly candied kiwi)

    FA-Mangosteen-(1-3% Needs a decent steep to get rid of floral note above 3%.)

    FA-Marshmallow-(3-5% Starting Point ,Lucky charms type marshmallow, Needs 1 week steep)

    FA-Meringue-(0.5% Mallow-like flavor, 1% Light fluffy white sugar note, 1-2% sweet milky quality.)

    FA-Passionfruit-(0.5-1% Mixes well with other tropical flavors)

    FA-Pistachio-(0.5 % Starting point- Realistic Potent Nuttyness)

    FA-Red Touch (Strawberry)-(1-3% Goes well with creams, fruits & citrus, TFA dragonfruit (0.5%-1%) helps flavor)

    FA-Vienna Cream-(1% Accent for richer creams-cardboard taste at standalone)

    FA-White Peach-(0.5-2.5% Accent & 2-3% Primary-Topnote Spot on white peach)

    Flavorah (FLV)
    FLV-Cream-(0.5-1.5% Accent, 2.5-3% Primary-Spice note at high %-1 week steep)

    FLV-Pink Guava-(1% Accent & 2-3% Primary-Citrusy & Hoppy Guava)

    Flavor West(FW)
    FW- Blood Orange-(2-3% Accent tends to separate-Spot on)

    FW-Blueberry-(1-3% Could overwhelm a mix)

    FW-Pink Champagne-(Keep below 1.5%-Has fizzy grapey tones)

    FW-Tres Leches-(2-6% Would be good to thicken up custard vapes or even be good to add some moistness to bakeries)

    FW-White Cake-(4-5%- Gets dry above 5%, Light dry white cake w/ Light icing)

    Health Cabin (HC)
    HC-Dragon Fruit-(*NEI*- Suggested 2.5% Starting Point)

    Hangsen (HS)
    HS-Blueberry-(2-5% Primary- Sweet Blue Taste)

    HS-French Vanilla Ice Cream-(1-3% Accent & 3-5% Primary-Light Vanilla w/ butter and buttercream base ice cream)

    HS-Watermelon-(0.25-0.50%-Watermelon Rind w/ floral/rose notes)

    Inawera (INW)
    INW-Biscuit-(0.25-0.75%-Vanilla as base)

    INW-Black Cherry-(1% Starting Point)

    INW-Cactus-(1-2% Adds juiciness or 1 drop/30 ml)

    INW-Cherries-(2% Starting Point- light version of Ludens Cherry "Candy" cough drops)

    INW-Cherry-(1% Accent & 2.5% Starting Point for bakeries/creams- Maraschino cherry style)

    INW-Coconut-(1-3% Accent-Sweet Coconut Milk)

    INW-Coconut Cookies-(3-5% Primary-Coconut girl scout cookie)

    INW-Dragon Fruit-(1% Non-Emulsifying tastes like actual dragon fruit )

    INW-Grape-(1-2% Accent & 2-3.5% Primary-Mixed Dark and white grapes)

    INW-Melon-(1-2.5% Need higher % for Tank than RDA)

    INW-Pineapple-(Low % Accent & 3-5% Primary-Fresh Pineapple Somewhat earth compared to Cap Golden Pineapple)

    INW-Plum-(0.5-1.5% Accent & 2-3% Primary-Plum skin taste w/ concord grape notes, Can be used as sub for grape )

    INW-Prickly Pear-(1-3% Adds tropical Juiciness like INW Cactus)

    INW-Raspberry-(0.5-1% Max for accent-Sweet dark raspberry candy)

    INW-Shisha Strawberry-(1-4% Accent & 5% Primary-Artificial sweet/natural creamy,may need strawberry accent dependant on profile,2 day steep)

    INW-Shisha Vanilla-(0.5-2% Accent & 3% Primary-Very creamy bright vanilla)

    INW-Wild Strawberry-(Needs to be diluted 10% flavor/90%pg)

    Jungle Flavors (JF)
    JF-Bavarian Cream-(0.50-1%-Adds eggy vanilla dairy cream)

    JF-Strawberry Sweet-(0.50-1%-Mixed Strawberry)

    LorAnn (LA)
    LA-Banana Cream-(3% Starting point-On Point)

    LA-CCI(Cream Cheese Icing)-(1% Or less -Potent,Good for adding mouthfeel & thickness to creams,needs longs steep time)

    LA-Citrus Blossom-( Suggested 1-3%)

    LA-Lemonade-(1% Or less Accent/Brighten Fruits or 3%^ push lemon note)

    Nicotine River (NR)
    NicRiv-Arnold Palmer-(3% Artificial Powdered Arnold Palmer)

    NicRiv-Condensed Milk--(2-3% NR suggested Starting Point)

    NicRiv-Dragon Fruit-(2-3% NR suggested Starting Point)

    NicRiv-Mango--(2-3% NR suggested Starting Point)

    NicRiv-Maui-(2-3% Starting Point- Tropical fruit & citrus undertone)

    NicRiv-Pineapple Sherbet-(2-3% NR suggested Starting Point)

    NicRiv-Salted Caramel-(2-3% NR suggested Starting Point)

    One on One(OOO)
    OOO-Creamy Milky Undertone-(1-2% Accent & 3-4%-Main milk flavor)

    OOO-Dragonfruit-(1-3% Sweet Dragonfruit taste)

    OOO-Firni Pudding-(2-3% Adds Sweet Warm Spiced Caramel Cream-Needs Steep for spices)

    OOO-Rice Milk-(2-3%-Longer you steep = Longer you cooked rice/sweeter)

    PUR-Acai Berry-(2-4% Accent & 6-8% Primary)

    PUR-Boysenberry-(2.5-4% Accent & 7-9% Primary)

    PUR-Pomelo-(3% or Less-Ruby red flesh part of grapefruit,has musk)

    PUR-Strawberry Lemonade-(6-7% Single flavor-Long steep helps develop flavors and removes slight chemical offnote)

    PUR-Strawberry Rhubarb Smash-(2% Starting-6% For Pie needs help with crust)

    Real Flavors Super Concentrates(RFSC)
    RFSC-Yumberry-(1-1.5% Shake and Vape & 1.5-2.5% Steeping)

    The Flavor Apprentice/The Perfumer's Apprentice(TPA)
    TPA-Banana Cream-(5% Starting Point-Cream w/ light banana runt notes,1.5% TPA:1%LA)

    TPA-Bavarian Cream-(2-5% Standalone flavor and a medium steep 3 to 7 days)

    TPA-Blackberry-(0.75% Or less-Potent)

    TPA-Champagne-(1%-Any higher it is old wine)

    TPA-Cheesecake Graham Crust-(2-4%-Plain Cheesecake w/ slight crust notes)

    TPA-Cherry Blossom-(3-5% To undertone things,Floral)

    TPA-Cherry Extract-(4-6% Accent & 8% Primary needs to be mellowed for primary use)

    TPA-Coconut Candy-(1% Notes of Sunscreen taste from people)

    TPA-Dragonfruit-(0.5-1%- Useful as emulsifier)

    TPA-Elderberry-(0.5%-1.5% Accent & 1.5-3% Primary -Floral Red Berry Jam-Needs 1 week steep)

    TPA-French Vanilla Creme-(2-3%-Malty Vanilla cream accent )

    TPA-Graham Cracker Crust Clear-(0.25-1% Accent & 2-3% Primary // Biscuits/Bakeries 0.25-0.50% & Cereals 0.50-2%-Dry/Crispy graham cracker w/ honey hint)

    TPA-Guava-(0.5-1%-Unsweet Guava,goes well w/ light sweet fruits)

    TPA-Hibiscus-(4% Or less-Use as floral accent,gets perfumey @ high %)

    TPA-Honeydew-(2% Or less-Candied Melon,needs short steep)

    TPA-Honeysuckle-(3.5% Or less-Add sweet/floral-ness,perfumey @ high %)

    TPA-Huckleberry-(0.3 % Or less-Gas off notes above 0.3%)

    TPA-Jackfruit-(1-4%-Gets funky @ high %)

    TPA-Juicy Peach-(2-5%- Gets Harsh at high%)

    TPA-Lychee-(2% Max -Potent)

    TPA-Marshmallow-(2-3%-Adds puffy vanilla marshmallow , useful for lightening/sweetening recipes, needs short 1-3 day steep)

    TPA-Nectarine-(4-5% Accent-Spot on slightly tart Nectarine,Light Harshness)

    TPA-Pear-(1% Starting Point-Good for adding Bitterness or Earthiness)

    TPA-Pear Candy-(1.5-2%-Candied pear w/ bitterness)

    TPA-Philippine Mango-(3-5% Accent- Thick, Earthy, dark thick fleshed mango)

    TPA-Quince-(0.5-1% Accent & 0.25-0.75% Primary- like apple and pear )

    TPA-Ripe Strawberry-(5% Or less-Sweet/tart real strawberry w/ sugar, 2%TPA SB-Ripe:1%TP SB)

    TPA-Rose Candy-(0.75% Max)

    TPA-Strawberry-(6% Max for my Palate- Candy Strawberry)

    TPA-Sweet Cream-(5% Max - Cheesy Vomit Higher than 5%)

    TPA-Sweetener-(0.25-0.50% Max Tends to mute flavors)

    TPA-Toasted Almond-(0.25% Bakeries lightly toasted almond top note, 1-1.5% Toasted almond note for cream and custards, 2% max-gets bitter above max %)

    TPA-Toasted Marshmallow-(1% Use as Accent for sweetness or nutty mallow note)

    TPA-Vanilla Swirl-(1-5% Accent Cream or base cream)

    TPA-VBIC(Vanilla Bean Ice Cream)-(2-5% Can overpower a mix- Tastes peppery to some)

    TPA-Watermelon-(5% Or less-Candy Watermelon)

    TPA-Whipped Cream-(1-2.5% Accent & 5% Primary- Adds fluff/creamy texture)

    Vape Train(VT)
    VT-Banana Custard-(2-4% Straight Banana Flavor & 6-8% Banana Custard)

    VT-Fizzy Sherbet-(1-4% Accent-Adds artificial pixie stick aspect has citrus notes)

    Wonder Flavors(WF)
    WF-African Horned Cucumber-(1-4%-cucumber/kiwi/banana hybrid)

    WF-Almond Custard-(2-4%-Custard made from almond cookies)

    WF-Black Currant-(Keep below 4%-Gets weird above 4%)

    WF-Coconut Custard-(1-2% Accent % 2-4% Primary-Candied Artificial Coconut w/ cream,needs help in cream aspect)

    WF-Hibiscus Candy-(1.5% Starting point-Tastes like seaweed on its own,may work in teas)

    WF-Pistachio Cream-(2%-Needs 1-2 week steep to become coherent Pista Cream-green harshness before that)

    WF-Saskatoon Berries-(0.75% Max-Dark jammy berry mix-Potent)

    WF-Snakefruit-(2-4%- banana/jackfruit hybrid)

    WF-Soursop-(0.5-1.5%-Pineapple/SB/Banana/Apple tropical mix juice)

    WF-Starfruit-(3%-Apple/Pear/Grape Hybrid)

    WF-Thai Apple-(2-3%-Apple/Pear Hybrid)

    WF-White Chocolate (Milky Cream)-(2% or less-Sweet cream not really white chocolate)

    WF-Yangmei Berries-(1-4%-Cherry/Pomegranate/Cranberry hybrid w/ SB hint,tart w/ slight sweetness)
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  2. bombastinator

    bombastinator ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 12, 2010
    MN USA
    Holy mother of wow! Flavorings are incredibly subjective so mileage may vary for others, I am awed by your diligence.
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  3. ScottP

    ScottP Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 9, 2013
    Houston, TX
    As an alternative to the Teaberry, I use FW Wintergreen at 17%. I also use FA Polar Blast as the cooling agent at 4%.

    Also, while I know most of those acronyms, it might be helpful for others if you included a Legend at the top. Like FA = Flavor Art, FW = Flavor West, TFA = The Flavor Apprentice, etc.
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  4. Vishousness

    Vishousness Full Member

    Apr 12, 2019
    my wiki on reddit has a legend reddit: the front page of the internet
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  5. Vishousness

    Vishousness Full Member

    Apr 12, 2019
    i included you suggestion it does make more sense and it will make it helpful for a beginner like me thank you for the suggestion i wish there was something like this when i started but there wasnt i fixed it please tell me if there is anything else youd think i could improve
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  6. Vishousness

    Vishousness Full Member

    Apr 12, 2019
    thanks man there was nothing like this when i started a couple of months ago so i thought id put up my list for other beginners/novices like i fixed it to include more notes and broke it into subgroups with the meaning of the abbreviation before the group hopefully this will be more helpful to other beginners like me please let me know if there is anyway i can improve and i agree flavors are defintely subjective what might taste peppery to me might taste good to you i think i included that in the beginning
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  7. Opinionated

    Opinionated ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Aug 19, 2015
    My Mountain
    You should add this to your blog.. that way you can always reference the information easily.

    Make things like this in threads then time passes and threads die, get closed, and get buried..
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  8. Vishousness

    Vishousness Full Member

    Apr 12, 2019
    got it i will share my gmail link as well cause i did type this up by hand
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  9. ShowMeTwice

    ShowMeTwice ThenOnceMore ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Jun 28, 2016
    The Inter-Between
    I've visited your page recently while tooling around. Nice reference.

    When I learned to do DIY I was taught by a buddy and his wife. They had notebooks of info. They would let me look here and there but imperatively told me I needed to make my own notes which would make sense to me. They helped me to truly get into DIY. Take many notes the more detailed the better.

    They also taught me the value of single flavor testing (SFT) where you truly get to know and learn all your flavors in-depth. Testing a flavor at different %'s to see where you personally like a flavor and how far you can push it until that point where tastes like garbage and all points between. Make detailed notes as they will help you to develop recipes for yourself. Have you done any SFT with your flavors?
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  10. 10x sugar

    10x sugar Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 13, 2013
    OC, NJ
    Thank you for doing this @Vishousness! This will be a handy reference for anyone beginning DIY, which seems to intimidate many vapers at the start. Helping each other is what ECF is all about! Nicely done!
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  11. AngeNZ

    AngeNZ Lunatic ECF Veteran

    Mar 24, 2018
    New Zealand
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  12. Opinionated

    Opinionated ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Aug 19, 2015
    My Mountain
    I meant to create a blog on this site. Do you see the B near my avatar, In front of my name? If you click that B it will take you to my blog.. You can create one as well..
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  13. bombastinator

    bombastinator ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 12, 2010
    MN USA
    Typing with your feet is more challenging though
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  14. bombastinator

    bombastinator ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 12, 2010
    MN USA
    Re: the white chocolate thing.

    Yep. White chocolate is a marketing invention. Chocolate has two components:
    1) cocoa powder the stuff that tastes like chocolate and make things brown. Also the expensive bit.
    2) cocoa butter
    Basically cocoa bean grease. This is what gives chocolate and a lot of hair products body. It’s an emulsified hydrogenated oil that hardens easily. It’s also much easier to replicate than cocoa powder.

    “White chocolate” is cocoa butter with no cocoa powder. They generally flavor with vanilla instead. Also cocoa butter can be easily cut with milk solids making milk chocolate. Hence “white chocolate” flavor is milk and vanilla
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  15. Opinionated

    Opinionated ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Aug 19, 2015
    My Mountain
    You understand that makes no sense and as such just isn't funny.
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  16. bombastinator

    bombastinator ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 12, 2010
    MN USA
    So it seems. Apparently I quoted not only the wrong post but the wrong person
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  17. Vishousness

    Vishousness Full Member

    Apr 12, 2019
    ahhh thank you i was kinda lost on what you were saying im new to this forum thanks man
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  18. Vishousness

    Vishousness Full Member

    Apr 12, 2019
    =D thanks i just wanna pay it forward i got alot of help when i was starting out i wasnt on here i discovered this forum after but i hope this will help someone
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  19. IDJoel

    IDJoel Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 20, 2015
    Boise, ID
    That's awesome. Wanting, willing, and making an effort to openly share; is what the ECF community is all about. Welcome! :thumb:
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  20. Capt.shay

    Capt.shay Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 10, 2013
    W. Ma. U.S.A.
    Why is it that we shouldn't use EM? I don't use it as a stand alone but I know it is in a lot of flavorings. Thanks for the post.
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