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May 14, 2018
Is the air draw tight enough to replace conventional smoke? And How it filled? It is easy? And the last.. Can it avoid condensation at the airhole? Thx

Hi! The Yearn is an 11W compact pod system. It has a 370mAh Rechargeable Battery. It is available in four colors Black, Grey, Black & Blue, and Black & Violet. Yes, the airflow is a tight draw. It is not airy at all. The Yearn is a pre-filled pod system that holds 1.5ml and is 1.4ohm. We have four flavors available: Fuji Apple, Mango, Ice Mint, and Vanilla (Sold Separately). All four flavors are available in 20mg & 50mg. It is very convenient; just put a new pod in your device, activate the pod, wait about 10 minutes to avoid burning the coil, and enjoy. We have tested the Yearn and it has performed very well. We hope that we have answered all your questions. Thank you.
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