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Vision Nano 1.8 possible leak fix method

Discussion in 'Cartomizer Reviews' started by patrickmurphy, Oct 28, 2013.

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  1. patrickmurphy

    patrickmurphy Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 16, 2010
    san francisco
    I finally got my first clearomizers. I have a drawer full of unused tiny batteries (Blu, Volcano, SideSho) I didn't want to throw away. I have another drawer full of 'normal' batteries (V4L, G6) I also didn't want to throw away. They all got put aside when I got my first DAV and Smileomizers. I decided to try clearomizers. I got the Kanger M3 for my KR8s and the little Vision Nano 1.8 for the tiny batts.

    I'd been reading reviews for days before purchase and so was aware that the Nanos like to leak. Something about not putting the cap on fast enough when refilling. I didn't have a leaking problem during the first fill. Worked like a total charm. When I refilled though, that's when the leaking - INTO THE BATTERY - started. I tried doing the fixes I'd read about (even though they were with mixed reviews) and nothing worked for me. Then for the heck of it, I tried plugging the bottom of the Nano with one of the old, thin rubber stoppers I saved from an old prefilled CoolCart. I did the plugging BEFORE I removed the mouthpiece. Then I filled. Then I removed the stopper. I don't know why, but that stopped the leaking.

    The Kanger M3 is a champion. The main complaint I've been reading about them is that people wish the wicks were longer. I find that if I just top off before it gets to about 1/4 full, the wicks do their thing. I love these.

    Now, instead of carrying a pocket full of different batteries and cartos, I have my DAV which pretty much lasts all day. And I carry one of each clearomizer and some spare charged batts ready to switch out when needed. Life is so much easier now. And more flavorful.
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