vodka or rubbing alcohol?

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Dec 23, 2012
Weatherford, Texas
    I use 120 proof moonshine :drool:

    haha, I'm picturing - one for atomizer, one for me, one for tank, one for me, one for me,,,



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    Feb 5, 2012
      This reminds me of a time not too long ago that I caught another vaper that I work with soaking his CE4 in denatured alcohol (the whole clearo was just sitting at the bottom of a cup). Needless to say that I had a little bit of a freak out moment... especially after he told me that is how he normally cleans them. I tried explaining that it is a horrible idea and that dirt cheap, no-name brand vodka works just fine.


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      Oct 13, 2012
      Columbia MD
        I use Everclear to clean drip tips, attys, cartos and the heads from my Vivi Novas, because it cleans AND sterilizes.

        If you are using regular vodka (40 proof) to clean your gear, it will clean the juice, dirt, oil and saliva off, but it will NOT kill bacteria or viruses. Seems like a pretty expensive cleaning solution to me, if it won't sterilize (which it won't).

        Regular 40 proof vodka will not sterilize equipment unless it is "overproof" (at least 100 proof).

        The rule with alcohol is, if it won't burn, it won't sterilize...


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        Jan 7, 2013
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          I took the advice of another poster and cleaned my clearomizers with rubbing alcohol. Empty the juice out. Fill tank with alcohol and shake. Let sit for 10 mins. Empty. Repeat until you feel it is clean enough. Then I rinse it out with hot water and let set overnight to dry.
          It worked great for me though I am switching fom clearomizers to a dual coil tank.


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          Aug 2, 2012
          Scottsdale, AZ
            I use denatured alcohol to clean my eGo batteries and both models of Vivi Nova. It's become a method I use and suitable to how I am with cleaning, you know? I take apart the entire tank, unscrew the atty head, and wet/dab dry/repeat until the wicks are as clean as they will get.
            The silica wicks clean easier than the bamboo ones, but by and large it's more practical to re-coil the bamboo ones after only one wet/dab session. It dries super fast, and in less than 30min ready to reassemble.
            The point is, though to each their own, I can't bring myself to use water. Ever.
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