Want an VV APV, Don't Know Where to Start!

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Apr 13, 2012
So after much thought, I've decided instead of getting 2 eGo C Twists, I'm going to get a nice APV for home use, and a less nice one for going out (Don't want to lose my nice one!).

Only problem is... I've never really thought about taking that next step quite yet. So now is my first time really looking into it.

For now, I'm thinking of getting a cheaper APV. I do eventually want to get a ProVari, but I will need a backup or two for it so. This is just the next step!

So, right now I'm looking at ivape's site (Not sure about the prices, but they are very nice people from what I've read!) and here are the two I've narrowed it down to.

The Varitube X Full Kit.

This will be my primary for home use. And since it comes with the whole kit, my back up will be cheaper.

And here's what I want for it... The Mini Varitube X.

Now that may not be possible, as it is a little pricey with the smaller batteries (Sometimes I stay out for a couple days, not just a night) so would I be better off picking up something else? Like something that also uses 18650 batteries that I can just charge with the Varitube X Full Kit and not spend any more?

I'm open to any new websites and the like to check out, so any help would be much appreciated!

One last thing, the VV APV must be a tube-like device. Not sure how I feel about box mods yet.



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Oct 1, 2011
Gilbert, Arizona
Patience, wait for the VV Reo Grand,, I have one and its quite a nice unit, Buzz's VVProV is also a nice one
Patience to someone trying to quit smoking might lead to another pack of analogs. Get something that will give you what you want, the VV Reo Grands are great, no doubt. If you are looking for a tube VV, look @ the lavatubes (100s of them out there). If you have more money to spend, look at the Provari. If you want a box mod, the REOs are fantastic. I would also suggest checking out MaximumVapors.com, Todd does some great work and is really great to work with.


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Mar 4, 2011
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I just got a VV Gripper. It's more powerful than a Provari or a Buzz Pro and you can't beat the price. Yeah, it's plastic but, it fits well in your pocket and if you lose it, it's not to terrible to replace. Right now, they are only available at Madvapes in black but, soon they will be everywhere in multiple colors.


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Aug 18, 2010
For a low-budget tube, the Lavatube is pretty good. I almost bought one, but went with a Rev3 from 310Vapers. It's not variable, but it's selectable (4v, 5v, 6v). If your budget is higher, Provari is a solid choice.

For boxes, well, those are everywhere on the net. For a budget box with a digital readout, Madvapes carries a pretty inexpensive one. For one that looks a bit nicer, the Ovale V8 from DiscountVapers looks pretty sweet, but has a shallow amp limit of 2.5a. You'd also need to use an extension in order to use tanks. For a top-dollar box, I've heard that ReosMods makes an awesome wood vv box.

I hope you find one that suits you. I know what it's like to be in a seemingly endless search for a good VV mod.
I'm on my 3rd lavatube. I was once in your shoes, spend the money and get the provari.
The lava's are ok for around the house, but don't take the paces I put it through at work.
Everyone was right when they said, you'll be looking for another device to buy in 6 months....I didn't even get that far.


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Jul 21, 2012
Birmingham, AL
Nope, I don't have anything to go by but, the specs. I don't use anything with low enough resistance to really test it to 4 amps. However, both the Buzz Pro and Provari claim 3.5 amps.

I agree with the Gripper being powerful. It's a beast! I love my ProVari but the pulse width modulation in the Gripper does make this thing hit like a champ. The flavor I get from cartomizers is great too. Plumes and plumes of tasty vapor at 3.5V. I'll be happy if it lasts me until the V2 which we all know is coming soon:2cool:


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Jun 5, 2009
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Their is another alternative. I checked the feedback on the Gripper and it was hit and miss. Some loving it and some with problems, typical Chinese QC Control.

I just picked up a Smoktek Smokbox Varicool from Smoktek (Don't confuse with Smoketech). This is an American Made Mod and it is awesome. I own a Provari and I like it better than the Provari. It's only around $55.00. It doesn't have the bells and whistles of the Provari but it hits hard, stays cooler, andi is tiny. It has rock solid voltage regulation. Made in the U.S
Take a look at this video of a 40 second Vape. You can't do that on a Provari.

A review of the unit can be found at

BTW I tried a Mini Lavatube and it came in defective, the replacement was defective too. The first one literally went up in smoke. Back to the Vendor. If you want quality at a low price and a small form factor varicool is a contender.
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Feb 3, 2012
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If you still haven't taken the plunge, wait for the lavatube 2.0 from Buy E-Cigarette | Safety Electronic Cigarette | Electronic Cigarettes (have a look under 'forum' then 'new and upcoming products')

I've been in the market for a VV mod, and read up alot, deciding that I want a tube mod. Then, reading all about the new lavatube, it seems to be the best choice out there right now.

They will be releasing it this week still, or early next week for $80 for the body only, and $109 for the kit (with AW battery, and Xtar charger!)
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