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Why we don't allow drug talk

Discussion in 'New Members Information' started by rolygate, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. rolygate

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    Sep 24, 2009
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    ECF is the global central resource for electronic cigarette information. As such, one of its main duties is to remain respectable and to present the best possible face of e-cigarette use to the outside world. Our task is therefore to assure visitors that e-cigarette use is respectable, normal and entirely legal in every way.

    One of the main problems we face is a continual propaganda assault paid for by commercial rivals who will suffer as e-cigarettes become more widely used. This is a serious issue for them because the smoking-related death rate will fall dramatically, in an exact parallel with the number of smokers who convert to an e-cigarette, in any country where e-cigarettes are freely available; sales of profitable disease treatments will fall drastically. The safety of e-cigarette use compared with smoking, and as a better solution than trying to quit (especially with the ineffective or dangerous pharmaceutical interventions), means that ecigs are a serious threat to the income of some major vested interests. The only way they can counter this is to use a combination of lies, propaganda and suborned officials to try and stop e-cigarettes.

    One way they might succeed is to portray e-cigarettes as intrinsically undesirable, or illegal, or even as a way to use illegal drugs. To stop this taking place we need to ensure that web searches for terms associated with this type of material do not return ECF in the results, and that searches on ECF produce nothing. We should keep ECF 'clean' in order to stop them succeeding. This is why words related to these topics are automatically censored by our software.

    Another factor is that ECF is a work-friendly and family-friendly site: if someone looks over your shoulder while you are here, we want to ensure there is no material that can offend in any way.

    Our fight against unjust regulation involves valuable assistance from many well-respected professionals. These medics, advocates, lawyers, scientists and commentators would not be able to support us if we were associated with illicit drug use.

    Of course all such restrictions are unjust. Of course we should all fight against all these removals of our basic rights. But we have virtually no money, and our opponents are spending upwards of $50 million a year to shut us down. We are a single-topic resource because we absolutely cannot afford to be otherwise. There is no chance whatsoever that ECF will allow drug references of any kind unless/until the drug mentioned is 100% federally legal for consumer use in both the USA and EU. Even then we will review the implications.

    There are hundreds of other places you can discuss these issues, including many ecig forums. Please go there if you feel unable to support ECF in its mission to represent vaping optimally to the community, the media, the health industry and the US and EU governments.

    We hope you now understand why certain subjects are not allowed on ECF, and why we try to maintain standards that may initially seem obscure.
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