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Zeus X mesh review

Discussion in 'Geekvape' started by SP013, May 2, 2020.

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  1. SP013

    SP013 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 14, 2019
    Warsaw, Poland
    Hi ECF,

    Another review by me for you this time the new Zeus X Mesh by Geekvape, thank you @GEEKVAPE for sending this RTA for this review.



    Some of you might know the Zeus X, this tank is pretty much exactly the same but it has a Mesh build deck. Interesting fact is that you can actually screw this Deck onto your Zeus X as it has exactly the same size.

    For this review I received the sample packaging, so I am not able to precisely tell what will be in the commercial packaging.
    This is what I got in the packaging:
    1x Zeus X Mesh
    1x Straight replacement glass

    1x Additional drip-tip (taller)
    4x Mesh strips
    4x Cotton
    1x Bag of goodies including: Tri tool, o-rings, screws, springs, spare center post, 510 drip-tip adapter and mesh forming rod.


    That's a lot of goodies in the package. Love the fact Geekvape included 4 mesh strips, you can get quite some time out of them. Geekvape in general is generous with their packaging.

    As mentioned before the size and dimensions are identical to the Zeus X.

    It is a properly build tank with proper threading, it is easy to take fully apart for cleaning or building purposes.

    Filling it up is mess free with its large fill ports. The top cap is easily untwisted with a 90 degree turn, the lock mechanism stays in place very well. Not sure about the capacity with the straight glass, but for the bubble glass its 4.5ml, which is on the low side.


    Airflow is easily adjustable; the ring turns smooth and is not too loose or tight. It is on the loud side though while vaping, maybe not extremely loud, but loud.

    The drip-tips that come with it are comfortable, the very short one that is pre installed is a bit too short for me as it really is close to the top deck, prefer the slightly longer one.

    As with the X, the inner chamber with airflow holes is removeable, but seems to not sit that loose as on the X, it does not interfere with twisting on the base as much.


    Now the most interesting part, the build deck. It is well constructed and has the exact system as other mesh build decks: clamps, spring-loaded inner post and screws on its side. One thing I like a lot is the tiny construction in front of the screws that help align the screwdriver straight onto the screws. Some people might not like philips head screws, for me they are fine.


    Installing a mesh strip is super easy, the plastic forming rod in the kit helps to get the perfectly rounded strip that falls into place, then just simple close the clamps and done. Not much pulsing to be done as mesh evenly fires up out of the box.




    Tricky is the wicking. The wick ports are quite large, but this deck requires a lot of cotton to make it sit tight to the mesh strip. At least 2 pieces of 3mm shoe lace cotton go in here. Wicking is tricky in a way that if you don’t do it right you will get dry hits, I can tell you on a mesh RTA they are nasty. My first build was not proper, and I had some nasty dry hits. What needs to be done is an extreme combing out of each side before inserting the ends in the wick hole. I felt like a hairdresser with the many cuts in many angles. Also,

    I found that the cotton strips of Cotton Bacon V2 have the perfect thickness, using cotton bacon v2 my wicking became much easier. Instead of first placing the coil, I first took a strip of cotton and pushed it down on the spring-loaded part and then took the coil to install it with the cotton pushed down. Some people might say that it takes a lot of cotton to wick and that’s true, but it also means that you don’t have to replace your wicks as often from my experience on this tank.



    But when you get it right, wow. The flavor on this RTA is outstanding, the best flavor experience I have had so far with any vaping gear, then again, haven't tried any other MESH RTA.

    A good thing about a Mesh RTA is that even at low wattage, let's say 30 to 40, you can already get a really great DTL hit. My sweet spot for this RTA is somewhere between 50 and 60.

    A downside about this Mesh RTA to some might be that you won’t get a warm vape like with a regular RTA, even at 70 watts, when saying 'this RTA' I mean the fact it is a top airflow RTA which means the distance to the coil is larger than with a bottom airflow RTA. I'm personally happy with the temperature of the vape, its not cold by any means, just not warm.

    What I like:

    - Flavor, really great when properly wicked
    - Easy to take apart
    - Easy to build on
    - Fact that the deck fits on a regular Zeus X
    - Build quality, it’s a solidly build tank
    - Mess free filling, with large fill pots
    - Able to get a really nice DTL vape at lower wattage (30-40w)

    What I don’t like:

    - Overall wicking requires proper focus
    - Capacity, 4.5ml is not bad, but for such a tank I expect at least 5.5ml
    - Airflow is on the loud side



    Even though I mentioned several things I do not like about it, I still love this tank. It easy easy to replace a mesh strip and if wicked properly the flavor is just amazing. This RTA is ideal for flavor chasers and for those that do not have the need to build exotic coils.

    To make things short; this is my favorite DTL RTA at this very moment.

    Thank you for reading.


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  2. hittman

    hittman ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Nice review. I really like this tank. Really good flavor at lower watts.
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