Bought a Bulldog e cig

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by pshinn, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. pshinn

    pshinn Full Member

    did I make a mistake?

    cannot find but one store which sells these...... :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:

    are there other brand of cartomizers that fit?

    N Joy? Smoker Friendly? 21st Century Smoke????

    Thanks for the help
  2. dormouse

    dormouse ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Yeah - it's a mistake to buy an ecig when you don't know what model it really is, whether it is a good model, what it should cost and who else sells supplies for it.

    Maybe we can figure out what it is or at least get it down to 2 models.
    What is the diameter, is it a 2-piece or 3-piece, and is the battery male or female threaded? (external or recessed threads)?
  3. pshinn

    pshinn Full Member

  4. dormouse

    dormouse ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    No - 8-9mm is not close enough.

    8.x mm you have mystery junk, 9.2-9.6 mm then maybe it is RN4081 but could also be Joye 306, less likely Joye 510 w/ cartomizer, possibly the opposite electrical polarity L88b which is Blu (you only need to worry about opposite electrical polarity if you use their charger on 510/306 batteries or their batteries in a 510/306 charger in which case you melt the battery. There is also one 510 clone that is opposite electrical polarity)

    Anyway - if what you have is over 9mm then you need to try 2 threadings: 510 (more or less the same as 306 threads and L88b thread - LiquidXPress has some prefilled 510 cartos, Blu has prefilled L88b or 306 cartos) and RN4081/DSE103 (aka Njoy, Smokestik and AZSmokeFree has a small selection of prefilled, and could also be DSE103 but that uses the same cartos) - buy cartos for each of the 2 threadings and see which fits
  5. MattZuke

    MattZuke Super Member ECF Veteran

    The picture confuses me. It actually looks like the reverse of an KR808D-1, male connection cartomizer. So I'd wager it's the L88, like likes of Blu, Envy, and other L88 series. L88s share the same threads as 510, but the cartridges are bigger, so your lowest risk would be picking up a base 510 kit, and if the batteries work, great.

    Note, it's impossible to establish scale. Posting a pic against a known sized object, like a ruler, might help.
  6. UntamedRose

    UntamedRose PV Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    From the website
    Battery is 180mAh

    Charging voltage: 4.2V

    Lenth of battery in mm: 68mm

    diameter of battery in mm: 9.3mm

    Battery charge time: 3~3.5hour
  7. dormouse

    dormouse ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Thanks - then try both

    510 cartos at LiquidXPress (since there are very few prefilled 510 cartos) or Blu cartos

    RN4081 cartos (AZSmokeFree, Njoy, Smokestik and many 7-11's sell Njoy 2-n-1 aka Npro and cartos)

    One of those should work. You still won't know exactly what model or clone model it is (just what its threading is) - you still need to be extremely careful with any chargers, batteries or PCCs that are not from where you bought your ecig since there definitely are clone or thread-alike models around w/ opposite polarity. But cartomizers and atomizers don't care about that
  8. pshinn

    pshinn Full Member

    lots of nJoy units in Indiana

    I will try that or 21st century smoke??
  9. dormouse

    dormouse ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    21st Century Smoke has male batteries so that would be a no. 21st Century appears to be either the popular and supported KR808D-1 or the incompatible near-twin KR808D-2 that ripoff rebraders like to use. Neither is what you have.
  10. pshinn

    pshinn Full Member

    Njoy maybe???

    I am trying to find a kit I can use a few times before deciding to refill my own....

    I thought this would work but local vendor is out until Wednesday of the 24mg regular only has menthol!

    oh well back to the cancer sticks for another week!!
  11. skyward

    skyward Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    if you just want to try them out,might i recomend going to the pilot/flying j or loves truck stop(can't remember which one is near columbus) and try a disposable. they sell for 5 or 10 bucks. also the batt usually last longer on these than the juice so any messed up attempt at refilling is no big loss.
  12. skyward

    skyward Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    ps.if a refill goes bad the swich in the batt may stay on.if this happens break off the carto section as it will get :evil:HOT:evil:
  13. chevelle

    chevelle Super Member ECF Veteran

    Welcome to ECF! You didn't make a mistake, you just didn't know! We can help as most of us have gone down that road at first. Those sites are big on hype but low on actual information. 500 puffs! Gahhhhh! Sure, you can puff on it 500 times but 250 or more of them will be nothing but air.

    It does look like a 4081 (NJOY NPRO 2N1 type -I have two of them!) Which kit did you get?? If you don't have that much into it, then you can start over pretty easily with a recognized type of PV. The good news is that there are far worse ripoffs out there and if you have the cartomizer type, they can be refilled fairly easily with any ejuice. They aren't bad PVs...just overpriced and are not very well supported by aftermarket vendors. Oh and the pre-filled cartos taste kinda like, well...they don't taste that good. lol. As mentioned earlier, don't get any liquid in the center hole in the battery. It will make them very unhappy.

    Don't beat yourself up at all! Use it! I used mine for over 6 weeks and they worked well once I started refilling them.
  14. dormouse

    dormouse ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Yeah auto batteries can cause problems especially if juice leaks. If you figure out that what you have is RN4081 then I recommend the manual RN4081 batteries at AZSmokeFree - they should be totally sealed on the threaded end and much safer for refilled cartomizers, as well as not turning on by accident from wind or vibration, and giving more control of your hit.
  15. pshinn

    pshinn Full Member

    thanks for the info!

    Here are the exact diminsions

    battery length 65mm
    battery diameter 10mm
    battery thread id 7.55
    pin hole in battery thread end
    model no shown K10415

    cartomizer length 40mm
    cartomizer od 10mm
    cartomizer thread od 7.55mm
    slot width in cartomizer 1.5mm
    cartomizer smoke hole (jk) 2mm
  16. dormouse

    dormouse ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Measurements for the same unit will vary depending on who measures it. Try some RN4081 cartos first and see if they fit and work. The important thing was that is was not less than 9mm diameter.
  17. Sir_Tacks_111

    Sir_Tacks_111 New Member

    I have a Bull Dog e cig and still have the retail package. The model on the box reads "e-cig 888r2." then my box has a sticker on the outside that reads "VER 3.0 ." I also own the newer style blu kit with cartomizers. The bull dog carto will not screw into the blu batter because its too big and also the threading is far more coarse.
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