Free 30mL bottle contest give away! Where are YOU from? (1/21-1/26)

Discussion in 'VaporBomb' started by kslice917, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. kslice917

    kslice917 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Hello ECF & VaporBomb fans!
    For those of you that have come to join us in our contest, be sure to check our newest contest question here!​
    As we enter into the new year, we have decided that the time has come for some rather major changes around here. To start with, we would like to engage our customers more than we have in the past. When it comes to Electronic Cigarettes, there exist a growing community of vapers that have made it possible to freely vape in public without harming those around them.

    However, this community is being threatened by impending bans and regulations on Electronic Cigarette sales as well as the sale of eJuice. These bans are being implemented around the world and you can be sure that before long, you'll see the issue come to your location as well.*

    We're here to fight back! But we need your help. Over the next few months, we will be asking you guys questions about your experiences with vaping. Each week, we will randomly select 3 people who decide to post their story to receive a FREE 30mL bottle of eJuice of your choosing!** You don't need to write a book or start your own blog or anything. All we ask for is a simple statement/paragraph that is relevant to the issue addressed.
    [HR][/HR]*For more information on the impending bans being placed on Electronic Cigarettes, be sure to check the Important Notices and Current Events section here on ECF.

    **Users will be selected at random to receive a free 30mL bottle of eJuice of their choosing. However, we will try to ensure that everybody has a fair chance and that the same user is not chosen too often. The winners each week will receive a private message here on ECF requesting their mixture/flavor desired and their shipping address.
  2. kslice917

    kslice917 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    To kick things off, here is our first question!

    How has vaping affected/changed your life? What about those around you?

    Submit your story this week and you'll be entered to receive a free 30mL bottle of eJuice of your choosing!
  3. Seneca

    Seneca Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I started vaping because smoking was making me sick. Thankfully, when I bought my first ecigarette, I had no problems quitting smoking. I made a promise to my Husband and our oldest Granddaughter that I would quit and it means a lot to me that I was able to keep that promise. It has been 3 years since I put out my last cigarette and I feel so much better.
  4. SJeane1005

    SJeane1005 Full Member

    Vaping has affected my life for the better. I feel better physically for sure and mentally. I enjoy browsing new mods and batteries, trying flavors, and visiting the B&Ms that are opening up around me. I enjoy it and I know those close to me do as well... no more cigarette smoke smell! I've been cigarette free for 6 months now.

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  5. kslice917

    kslice917 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I love hearing these stories! It still amazes me that anybody would want to ban these products. I was a smoker myself for nearly 3 years (I know, not that long). When I first discovered ecigs, they weren't all that popular or effective. But over the past 4-5 years, ecigs have evolved into a fantastic smoking alternative. Since I've become a vaper for the past 4-5 months, I haven't even touched a cigarette! In fact, I've helped several friends make the switch and they're all thankful that they don't have to deal with the smell, burns, ash, etc.

    Well, we only had two responses this week - so we'll have two winners. Congratulations Seneca & SJeane1005, you are this week's winners! Be sure to check your PM box here on ECF for a message asking for your flavor, mix, and shipping address.

    P.S. Love your signature, SJeane1005! That's such a great way to be able to brag about being smoke-free!
  6. kslice917

    kslice917 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Alright everybody, it's a new week which means it's time for a new question!

    This week's question is:
    Which flavor of ours is your favorite to vape?

    Simple enough? All you have to do is list your favorite flavor(s) and you could win a free 30mL bottle of it!
  7. SJeane1005

    SJeane1005 Full Member

    Thanks VaporBomb! So here's this weeks entry from me... Liquid Amber! I was on a floral kick and ordered a few from you guys. Then I went to the specialty section and saw Liquid Amber. The description and name intrigued me so I ordered. It was great, and a different type of flavor in a good way. Haven't tasted anything else quite like it!

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  8. Seneca

    Seneca Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Thank You for the contest and your generosity! :)
  9. kslice917

    kslice917 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    @SJeane1005 - Funny you should mention Liquid Amber. That's the reaction that most people get. They just try it on a whim, and it turns out to be pretty good!

    @Seneca - Thanks for participating! With this many bottles to give away, I just hope more people get on here to get their chance at it.
  10. Neverside

    Neverside Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I received a bottle of your Red Bomb from a friend and it was amazing. I have still been trying out flavors as I'm new to vaping but I definitely would like to try out some of your flavors.
  11. spacekitty

    spacekitty Krazee Kat Laydee & Guru-X2.5 Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I really like the Ylang Ylang... it's one of my fave floral vapes because it doesn't take like perfume!! :D I hope to be able to try some more of your floral juices, too...


    (I will post the link in the other 'Contest' thread, and try to round up some more people for you!! :) )
  12. traderljp

    traderljp Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Cinna-Bomb..the best red hot I've tried. This was the first red hot juice I had ever vaped and I knew that I had finally found my flavor category. I've tried many red hot and cinnamon flavors since, but Cinna-Bomb is still the stand out.
  13. Debra_oh

    Debra_oh Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have not tried your juice yet but after looking over your site the first I will try is B-52 eJuice and your Honey Wood.


    BTW do you have a store front or only do internet orders? I just saw you are just down the road (well Cleveland-Akron)
  14. DocTonyNYC

    DocTonyNYC Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I also haven't tried your liquid yet, but there are several that look very interesting to me. Based on some of the comments here, Liquid Amber is one I would definitely like to try.

    It's funny, to follow up on Debra's comment, I noticed that the picture with your peanut butter cup was actually a buckeye. Now that I realize you in Ohio, it makes all the sense in the world! (Ohio State alum here!)
  15. MoonLit_Water

    MoonLit_Water We All Shine On Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I too, have not tried Your juice. I am a vapor who switches flavors many times a day. Candy, Fruit, Soda Flavors etc. I like a wide variety but I would say tobacco flavors (often many mixed together) are vaped more than any other individual flavor. And I like a wide variety of those as well but Turkish Tobaccos seem to lead the pack, so for Me I guess it would be Your Dessert Ship would be interested in first.
  16. therussellv

    therussellv Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Easy, dr pepper juice

    Last stinkie Oct. 15, 2013
  17. levisdaddy

    levisdaddy Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    thanks VaporBomb!!!

    On my last order, you included a sample of Orange Dream Bar, it was my favorite!! I could vape it all day
    Sweet with a tart citrus flavor that i love.
    I have been on a citrus kick for months now!
  18. cvedrick

    cvedrick Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    To tell you the truth, I have never tried your stuff. Sorry but I have way too many bottles of un-vapable juice in my box and not enough money to buy something I do nt already like.
  19. Cob24

    Cob24 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I vape orange dream bar the most but I sometimes add cinnamon roll or more vanilla ice cream
  20. spartanstew

    spartanstew Mr. Awesome Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Blackberry Smoothie sounds like it would be my favorite.

    PS. You need to put a link to your site in your signature.
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