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Discussion in 'Rebuildable Atomizer Systems' started by BigDiesel, Jul 31, 2013.

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  1. BigDiesel

    BigDiesel Full Member

    Hey guys, I just got my new toy not too long ago. Using 18350 mode with the short DID and I cant seem to get my resistance lower! I am using .5x.1mm ribbon 2/3 wrap on 7x7 3/32 ss rope wrapped with ss mesh. My atty meter reads .7-.8 ohms, but after fiddling with it to get rid of hot spots it jumps to 1.2 ohms when I am done. I get good flavor with no dry hits, but its just doesnt hit hard enough. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated . Thanks guys!
  2. Richard75

    Richard75 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I've never used ribbon wire, but generally to lower resistance, you reduce the number of wraps (or use larger wire).
  3. pdib

    pdib Registered Supplier - Offline ECF Veteran

    couple of things come to mind. One is that, before adjusting, you might be shorting into your wick. This could lead to lower readings. (Oh, I don't use ribbon either.) Another would be that the ribbon wire (I gather) can be difficult to capture effectively at your connections. Make sure you have a good grab with your screws. Lastly, you have a rather serious heat-sink nestled in your coil. It's not going to fire like a micro-coil with a whisp of cotton wick.

    edit: I think your ribbon is the thinner of the common sizes. I wouldn't expect you could go much lower and still have something resembling a coil.
  4. C1BERUS

    C1BERUS Senior Member

    ribbon usually doesn't give me much trouble with hotspot, just make sure the ribbon is flat and tight enough to fit the wick and the + - post.
  5. WattWick

    WattWick Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    There's a limit to how much vapor it makes sense to pump out without adding more air to the mix. I'd rather chase down that avenue than follow the path of least resistance.

    You will probably get your *** chewed off for chasing ever lower resistances. Especially using a 18350 battery. That's just not a smart thing to do.
  6. BigDiesel

    BigDiesel Full Member

    thanks for replies guys, so i noticed my coils not making a good connection with the +-, redid them and it dropped to 1.1 ohms ;) I think im getting close, maybe a couple more tries lol
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