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Reasons to make the change. Do you have any to add?

Discussion in 'Freedom Smoke USA' started by mauisun, Jan 27, 2014.

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  1. mauisun

    mauisun Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Benefits to make the change to e-cigarettes:
    *No Offensive Smoker’s Odor
    *Freedom to Smoke Almost Anywhere
    *No Flame; Just a push of a button
    *No Ash, No Cigarette Butts
    *No Lighter needed
    *Save Money
    *Choose Your Nicotine level
    *Choose Your Flavor
    *Excellent Customer Service
    Happy Vaping.
    What are the benefits you have experienced from making the change to e-cigarettes?
  2. Norry

    Norry Super Member ECF Veteran

    My health. I lost my smoker's cough a week after I picked up my very first Vape Stick :)
  3. vaporgalinfla

    vaporgalinfla Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    May 7, 2010
    Norry - Where have you been? We miss you!

    I agree about the smoker's cough. It was totally gone within a week after I starting vaping. :)
  4. Norry

    Norry Super Member ECF Veteran

    Hi Back, We've been busy beavers. We're not traveling right now but we're living in Davis, California right now :( My in-laws are 94 and 84 respectively and my FIL has been having some health issues so we've moved here to help them out. It was hilarious, we were driving down the road the other day and stopped at a traffic light. I looked over and in the car next to me was a gal vaping on an EgO twist with a Kanger tank (same as mine). We saluted each other as the light turned green.
  5. vaporgalinfla

    vaporgalinfla Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    May 7, 2010
    Norry - I'm sorry about your FIL. It's nice though that you are helping them out. I've been super busy too, but too much to explain in one post. Very cool about the person in the car next to you!

    Please stop by and say hello more often. :)

  6. charlieS

    charlieS Full Member

    Oct 7, 2013
    N. California
    As with so many others, losing that cough I woke up with each morning. Having a conversation with my doc during my annual visit for a routine checkup, she would like me to be nicotine free but not smoking analogs pleases her greatly. Of course, she'd like me to stop drinking coffee too...NOT LIKELY :) I began vaping 18 mg and am presently at 6 mg. I occasionally cut it with zero nic. Vanilla and other flavors when I feel "inspired".

    You bet that I do not miss the smell on my clothes. Got a new (used but new to me) pickup when I began vaping. NO analogs have seen the interior of that vehicle. Nice :)

    *Money? Ha. My signature tells the story so far. I have approx. $250 invested thus far. Subtracting that from what my analog spending would have been and I'm at least $400 - 500 ahead.:D
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