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Discussion in 'Canada Forum' started by eFFeRR, Oct 22, 2013.

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  1. eFFeRR

    eFFeRR Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Hey everyone,

    I put in my first online order the other day. I decided to go with East Coast Vapes seeing as they have some good reviews on this forum. I received my Innokin iTaste VV, ProTank II, Kanger EVOD BCC and 5 Protank/EVOD replacement heads/atomizers.

    They shipped quick, which was great. I got 4 juices. Watermelon, Apple, Beach Smoothie and Menthol. Have yet to try the Apple and Beach Smoothie but the Watermelon is good (although I can't vape it for too long) and the Menthol is fantastic!. Might end up being my go-to vape. Can't wait to try the other two.

    With that said, I am looking for other sites where I can place orders from. I would like to try some vendors out until I find my favorite place. I like East Coast Vapes because they carry a lot of the heads for my tanks and their flavors are a great price.

    Any recommendations based on the following..

    - Best e-Juice selection and flavors
    - Best place to find heads/atomizers/wicks/coils
    - Best equipment in stock (batteries/tanks)
    - Fast shipping

    Thanks for the suggestions!
  2. fourtytwo

    fourtytwo Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I like Canvape.
  3. SoUnique

    SoUnique Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    ^ what he said. My go to place for everything.
  4. GOTFrog

    GOTFrog Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I love Jugheadz, but they are only open about 15 min per week, on Thursday at 7 pm mountain time, they have a great selection.
  5. Jdasilva

    Jdasilva Full Member

    good prices and prompt shipping
  6. Concat

    Concat Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Canvape is a beast, but I have to give props to Vaporus for handling my last order.
  7. eFFeRR

    eFFeRR Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Canvape's e-juice house blend? I am mainly looking for e-juice and according to their website they have no nic so I'm not interested.

    Although I will consider them for hardware..

    Jugheadz looks awesome! Hope I am available for those 15 minutes to buy some juice! Is it really just 15 minutes??
  8. DaMann

    DaMann Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    You have to register before seeing the nic juice. Just register and then login and then logout and back in again and you will see the nic juice (May have to clear your cache). If that still doesn't work after registering just email them and tell them you registered and want to see the nic juice. I had to email them before I was able to see it even after registering, but just registering should work. I have tried three different places for ordering gear and juice and now these are my go to guys for everything. Fast processing and shipping which is priority for me!
  9. eFFeRR

    eFFeRR Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks for the tip..

    Will try that out! thanks!
  10. Talyon

    Talyon Vape 4 Life Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Canvape, Canada E Juice, JUGHEAD'S, MLV, Jiffy Nic, use sticky at top of forum to request a list of all known Canadian vendors.
  11. eFFeRR

    eFFeRR Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oh ya I got the list.. was just wondering what everyone's favorite place was to buy from according to quality. I've tasted some good juices and some bad ones. Will check out MLV tonight. JiffyNic has a place in the flea market by my house. Maybe I'll head their tommorow.
  12. Battlelance

    Battlelance Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    While we're on the subject of juice, anyone give cold turkey or evaporated a whirl?
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