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Discussion in 'Mom and Pop Vapor Shop' started by Avi8tor, Jan 29, 2014.

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  1. Avi8tor

    Avi8tor Senior Member Verified Member

    I'm relatively new to vaping (bout 10 days).
    After watching and reading many reviews, I purchased Mom and Pops tobacco sampler.
    It arrived in two days.

    I've only gotten to Tobacco Haze so far and I can tell you that this hits it for me. Having just quit analogs, this tastes so much better and definitely fills the void I wanted.

    Not much of a reviewer but can say that it has the rich flavor and light sweetness I have been craving for.
    Don't look for my review on the other 5 samples for awhile. I'm vaping this stuff till its gone.
  2. P0P

    P0P Supplier Associate

    Hello! Avi8tor

    Welcome! to M&P I would like to thank you for posting.
    Congratulations on getting off the nasty's (smokes) and we are happy to hear you are enjoying the haze:)
    and hope you find more to enjoy:D their is no better feeling as a vendor then to know our product is helping someone in the process of making the hard transition from such a nasty habit as we all know stay strong and win the war! Taste buds are fun :)

    ( cool user name and avatar ) WOOT!:)
  3. Avi8tor

    Avi8tor Senior Member Verified Member

    the entire sampler is excellent. Buying more!

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  4. P0P

    P0P Supplier Associate

    Thank you Avi8tor

    I'm putting out some new sample flavors ( three ) with different label's for our troops ( charity ) and then make them available in the store. I hope folks enjoy them also:)
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