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Discussion in 'Vapor4Life' started by maaron, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. maaron

    maaron Super Member

    [​IMG]I thought it would be cool to see the people that get on here all the time since most people don't have their picture as their avatar. Since my avatar is a picture of me I'm posting a picture of my dog Storm!:D
  2. JohnnyVapor

    JohnnyVapor Super Member

    I kept saying I wouldn't do this, but heck, why not. It's true, I'm not actually Ming-Ming, the adorable duckling from Wonder Pets.

  3. RyGuy

    RyGuy Senior Member

    Your pup is absolutely adorable! I have a 9 yr old Siberian named Chevy. Your pup reminds me a lot of her when she was little.

    Oh, and by the way... that is a picture of me there in my Avatar LOL.
  4. rocks82

    rocks82 Supplier Associate

    Supporting member
    against my better judgement...

    My alter ego is much more badass, but I can't divulge it to the public for fear of tipping off my enemies.

    and this guy is where "rocks82" comes from. This is Rocky Balboa.. the fiercest cotton ball alive
  5. zdaddyl

    zdaddyl Super Member

    I suspected as much! Lol wait!..... The phone, the phone is ringing
  6. zdaddyl

    zdaddyl Super Member

    Rocks82, your avatar pic is hilarious!:thumb:
  7. impostor71

    impostor71 Super Member

    Woah! I kinda like that Ninja look in the previous picture, rocks82. :thumb:
  8. LastOutlaw

    LastOutlaw Super Member

    Well Im in my Avatar.
  9. rocks82

    rocks82 Supplier Associate

    Supporting member

    that was me freezing my bostonian butt off at work! Posted wrong link.
  10. impostor71

    impostor71 Super Member

    This is me.

  11. Pawpaw

    Pawpaw Ultra Member

    Anybody got a cast iron camera I can borrow? ;)
  12. bornagainst

    bornagainst Vaping Master Verified Member

  13. rocks82

    rocks82 Supplier Associate

    Supporting member
    do women rub your beard a lot?
  14. keyzygirl

    keyzygirl ECF Guru

    V4L has some real cuties!!!!
  15. pianoguy

    pianoguy Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
  16. bornagainst

    bornagainst Vaping Master Verified Member

    Haha, naw. Thats my fresh out of bed analog outside on the patio face.

    Not my finest moment.
  17. Taryn

    Taryn Ultra Member

    Vaping makes me smile!
  18. Thyestean

    Thyestean Vaping Master

  19. maaron

    maaron Super Member

    Thanks! you have a pic of Chevy? Does he/she "talk" a lot? Storm talks A LOT!! Just so everyone else doesn't think I'm crazy.....Siberian Huskys hardly ever bark like a normal dog they "talk". We can't wait till it starts snowing she hasn't seen snow yet but we are gonna hopefully get her a sled and TRY to train her to pull it.
  20. rocks82

    rocks82 Supplier Associate

    Supporting member
    Hey! you laugh... but beware! He is VICIOUS!
: super t, baker, chase

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