VAPOR VIPER-Best 901 guaranteed.ON SALE NOW!!!

Discussion in 'Vapor4Life' started by SMILIN, Mar 3, 2009.

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    SMILIN Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Finally received stock of EM901's for release. These are DY's latest which I now dub, the VaporViper due to it sucking up the juice via highly modified/shorter atomizer.

    This is a dripping machine.

    The cartridge is new, and hold twice the juice, which is a must, due the the (viper)hissing of this atomizing monster.

    The battery is a female, unlike standard DSE, 4075, models. She like to be caressed, and puffed gently, and long. I have found the new carts need to be topped off often, but, not as often as the DSE.

    I have also discovered there is a perfect match for the Dura/510 cartridge as well. I like this, as I own most all available personnal vaporizers made.

    The batteries last about 15% longer than the standard DSE/4075 models, I believe due to the shorter atomizer/longer battery.

    I have these available in both:

    Silver, and Electric Blue......both with bright red led's

    You can choose to have 2 silver, 2 electric, 1 of each. Yes, 2 atomizers, 2 batteries, 1 charger, 5 carts.

    You can choose between 36/18/8mg strengths

    10 bonus carts for 1st 10 customers

    France Pipe

    This fabulous set is for the person who wants to vape, and look great, all the while enjoying fine vapor, with great flavor, and nice throat hit. Yes, this is not a mild viper, it will sting, when you caress it right.

    For the 1st 10 customers, 49.25 including shipping and paypal to continental USA, shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

    Most shipments same/next day, and received within 2-3 days of payment.

    Warrantee is 14 days, minus 5 dolla shipping

    Best of luck in your journey

    Vapor4life reccomends you VAPE-ON


    Skype smilinenterprise

    I will be receiving new usb battery powered passthru later in the week and will be creating another maximum vapor package, which will include liquid, as well.:shock:

    SMILIN Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Folks, seriously these are fabulous, they are not the ones the other company stopped selling. These are sold, with warrantee:cool:

    SMILIN Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    ask away!!!!:D
  4. dohsma

    dohsma Vaping Master ECF Veteran


    Do you have any of these left? I sent you a pm too!


    SMILIN Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    I do, and they are waiting to play with you this weekend, along with much else.

    Call me after 11am please:D

  6. dohsma

    dohsma Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    No problem, will do! It's really convenient that you are local
  7. Aleksus

    Aleksus Moved On

    Hello Smilin! From your description it seems that new EC901 is more suited for dipping fans. I, like you, not a huge dripping fan and don't like messing with liquids. So my question is, how this EC901 works with regular or Dura cartridges? For how long standard cartridge would last? Interested in buying this model, but if dripping is necessary to achieve good performance I better stick with my Njoy. Thank you.
  8. jimgman

    jimgman Senior Member ECF Veteran

    well, the description says the carts hold twice as much liquid. im not a dripper either, but i just ordered one should be here this week, so we'll see... i have high hopes for this one....
  9. leaford

    leaford Supplier Services Provider ECF Veteran

    I'm trying these out, too, and I like them so far. Nice vapor, smooth draw, works equally well either mouth puffing or direct inhaling. Haven't used them enough to estimate cartridge or battery life well, but seems at least as long as older 901s. Very nice.
  10. SMILIN

    SMILIN Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    The 901 is a vey good vaper, the new carts are bigger, better, but with the 510/dura carts, it is da, bomb.....definately not just for dripping. All I can say is, try it, if you do not like it, it cost you shipping to return. I have usb passtrhus coming wed as well. Your call. I highly reco my vapor king too. It is truely the most analog like device, no dripping, just plug, and play. Yes, I do have extra cartridge/atomizers as well.


  11. Aleksus

    Aleksus Moved On

    btw does EC901 come from the same manufacturer or somebody just did reverse engineering and improved? I've read Saliebao makes original DSE 901 models.
  12. SMILIN

    SMILIN Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Manuf is david yang:cool:completely different. there are many models similar, 4075, dse901, kanger....this is the best imho.:D

  13. SMILIN

    SMILIN Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Not many left, 10 extra carts w/purchase, plus a 20ml bottle liquid. This is a STEAL.....get em before I leave town:cool:
  14. SMILIN

    SMILIN Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Only a few left, ask questions now, my friends:D
  15. Lynch1j2

    Lynch1j2 Full Member ECF Veteran

    Sent payment by palpal yesterday. Are they still in stock. Thanks.

    Already shipped today, you should be smilin on SAT.:cool

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyou eill love it
  16. Apatel

    Apatel Senior Member ECF Veteran


    These are $49 with the 10 extra carts and 20 ML liquid? I WANT ONE. I'm between Aurora and Addison, IL can we meet and I can pick one up!! PM me.

    Email me

  17. SMILIN

    SMILIN Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    email me, at above...look forward to helping
  18. Apatel

    Apatel Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Email sent :)
  19. puff-puff-pass

    puff-puff-pass Super Member ECF Veteran

    Email sent!:p
  20. SMILIN

    SMILIN Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Thanks guy's, good move, gonna love these, especially with the 2 full units, and the rockin extra's:cool:
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